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Great Films for Black History Month

A terrific collection of films for Black History Month comes from Scholastic, “March On! … and more stories about African American History.” It includes four stories on one DVD celebrating Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and other people who have helped shaped African American history. The title tale (March On: The Day My Brother Martin Changed the World), based on the book by Dr. Christine King Ferris, sister of Martin Luther King, is a wonderful story about partnership and equality. The collection of actual photographs and illustrations makes for an interesting way to view the story. Younger kids may get bored with all the still photographs but, they illustrate important events in the history of our country. The March in Washington D.C. was based on love and peace. That is what is made clear in this film. It definitely gives viewers things to think about. The background of Martin Luther King Jr. from his sister’s point of view is interesting. I would recommend this DVD for kids age eight and older. This is a show that makes everyone think about how we treat others. It shows how people in the 60s worked towards equality and peace. The basis of Martin Luther King Jr’s speech is still true today. We cannot move forward unless we consider everyone equal. We must have hope and move ahead with our own dreams. We must work together and speak up for what is right.

Also coming out in February from Scholastic is the DVD, “So You Want To Be President? … and more stories to celebrate American history.” This DVD collects four storises about American political history. The title tale is based on the Caldecott Medal award winning book by Judith St. George, and features narration by Stockard Channing. Another tale is My Senator and Me: A Dog’s Eye View of Washington, D.C., written and narrated by Senator Edward M. Kennedy. DVD extras include an inervewi with author Lane Smith

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