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Great Indie Film for Dog Lovers!

Finn on the Fly is the story of a life-loving, Frisbee-playing dog, and his shy, 13-year-old owner, Peter. Their lives are changed forever when a lab experiment goes wrong and Finn is transformed into a human. Once on two legs, Finn teaches Ben to feel the wind in his fur, catch Frisbees like a dog and, ultimately, to find his own pack. Starring Ana Gasteyer (The Women, Saturday Night Live, What Women Want), Matthew Knight, Ryan Belleville, Brendon Firla and David Milchard and directed by Mark Jean (Homecoming), Finn on the Fly was the winner of “Best Independent Feature for Ages 8-12, KIDS FIRST! Best 2009.” If you can imagine how your dog would behave if he/she became a human, that’s exactly how this dog, turned human does. While he’s at it, he manages to save the day by helping Ben’s team win the Frisbee match. His reward? To be turned back into a dog. This is a cute, funny and well-produced indie film. KIDS FIRST! Child Juror Comments: Kids really got a kick out of the storyline. It’s so improbable, yet makes you laugh at the very idea of it. The boys particularly enjoyed it and talked about what their life would be like if their dog became a human. “Yup, my friends would definitely like this because it’s so funny.” 

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