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News Books about Bunnies for Spring Holidays

My friend, Tish Rabe has written two wonderful, faith-based books that are perfect for spring reading with your children or grandchildren. Here are two reviews by CQCM National Board member, Terry Solowey:

Tish Rabe has created an inspiring Bunny character and animal friends who will delight both children and adults alike. Anyone who trusts in a higher power, and in their own power, will enjoy sharing both “The I Believe Bunny” and the second book in the series “Sharing with You,” to their children, grandchildren and friends.

Each book teaches important lessons about using the power of prayer and trusting in God to carry us through. With a little faith in ourselves and a little help from our friends, anything is possible. Bunny’s playful forest animal friends Mouse, Squirrel, Skunk and Raccoon share in the adventures and in the important lessons to be learned.

In the first book, a little mouse gets caught in the river on a rainy day. Bunny valiantly tries to save her, and realizes she can not do it alone. She calls on God’s help to be strong, and no sooner said than done, the animal friends come to the rescue. The mouse is so thankful, the sun begins to shine, and we learn the power of having faith in God’s love.

In “Sharing with You,” the I Believe Bunny, Little Mouse and friends appear in a different type of encounter. Bunny invites Little Mouse to play at her house, and in gratitude, after playing, Mouse shares a favorite flower. All the friends then come over to have a joyous time. When Little Mouse wants to play with Bunny’s favorite shiny rocks, Bunny has a hard time sharing her favorite things. While she is deciding what to do, Maggie the Magpie flies down and takes one of the rocks away into the sky.

Squirrel intervenes, knowing that Maggie likes bright, shiny things. She parts with her own bright ring claiming a friend means more than any “thing” does. As Maggie parts with the rock, it falls to the ground. At that moment, Bunny realizes what to do. She “knows” sharing is the right thing to do.

The charming playful quality of the rhyming text combined with the beautiful illustrated watercolor characters bring us life inspiring messages to make a difference no matter how big or small we are, and that sharing can make life more fun!

The accompanying web site www.ibelievebunny.com, has a variety of wonderful resources to complement the storybooks. Sing along with the songs “I Believe in You” and “Time to Snuggle Down” along with the “Get Ready to Share” music video with Tish and her two children, and the music video with two young children, “The I Believe Bunny Song.” Download the “Count Along With the I Believe Bunny” worksheet along with a coloring page with the inspiring message from the first book “You CAN make a difference, even a bunny …your size,” to reinforce the story’s messages. Enjoy the digital storybook online for an additional reading experience with your child.

To purchase, go here.

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