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Tangled – A New Twist on the Story of Rapunzel

Tangled.jpgWalt Disney’s new animated feature Tangled takes the story of Rapunzel and gives her a proper make-over.  When Princess Rapulzel (Mandy Moore) is born with a head full of magical golden hair, an evil old  woman, Mother Gothel (Donna Murphy), steals the baby and locks her safely away in a hidden tower.  For 18 years, she raises the girl as her own, using the powers of Rapunzel’s magic hair as her personal fountain-of-youth.  Enter the handsome rogue, Flynn Ryder (Zachary Levi).  Fresh from stealing the crown jewels, he’s chased into the woods where he stumbles upon the fabled Tower and encounters the stir-crazy and persuasive Rapunzel and her impossibly long locks.  What follows is an adventure-filled trek where the unlikely couple must evade the law, the bad guys and Mother Gothel if they are going to discover romance, redemption and truth.

Tangled covers comfortable territory for Walt Disney Animation –  A beautiful, long-lost princess; a handsome young thief redeemed by love; a conniving, self-centered Mother figure; a family reunion and wedding…stop me if you’ve heard this one before.  But while the formula may leave you with that deja-vu feeling, the movie leaves you thoroughly entertained.  Complete with catchy tunes by the immensely talented Alan Menken, a laugh-out-loud funny script by Dan Fogelman (Cars; Bolt), and engaging performances by the vocal cast, there is a lot to enjoy here.  Particularly fun are the animal characters – a horse who thinks he’s a dog and a chameleon side-kick with a wicked tongue – and the gang of baddies turned goodies dubbed the Pub Thugs who, down deep, are just sensitive, frustrated artists.

The film is rated PG for sequences of cartoon violence – Rapunzel’s weapon of choice is a cast-iron frying pan which she uses with authority to protect herself.   Very young children might find Mother Gothel to be a slightly frightening character, especially when she meets her demise.  Otherwise, the film is suitable for all ages.  (My husband who generally dislikes musicals and my twin 7th graders – boys – all loved it, if that’s any indication!)  Reviewed for KIDS FIRST! by Cyndi Menegaz 
Tangled will be released in Disney 3D Digital on November 24.

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