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Cowboys & Aliens – Sci – Fi Meets Western – Kids Loved It

cowboys.aliens.jpg14-year-old Raven Devanney, a KIDS FIRST! Film critic reviewed it this week. Here are her comments:

If you love action packed adventures then ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ is the perfect film for you!

I’m actually pretty impressed with this movie because I think the concept of throwing together two separate genres like westerns and Si-Fi is an interesting idea but I didn’t think there would be much more to the film then explosions and gun fights. However the story line is much more entertaining than I expected.

I think the visual aspects of this film are good because the aliens are relatively creepy and the design of their ship is really cool. If you’re into horror films (like me) then the aliens won’t be that impressive to you, but if you are easily frightened then some scenes may seem a bit intense.

My favorite character is the preacher because he seems a lot more compassionate and caring then most of the other characters.

Something that I think is very unrealistic is in the final battle scene when the humans start defeating the aliens. In the beginning of the scene the humans are totally getting crushed by the aliens (which makes sense since they are practically killing machines) then the humans start winning which is odd considering their weapons are far inferior to the aliens. Obviously there isn’t be much of a movie if the aliens conquer the world; it just seems a bit unrealistic.

This movie is for ages 13 and up because there is some inappropriate language and it is very violent. Overall, I give ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ 3 out of 5 stars because personally I’m not that into Si-Fi, but if you are, you’ll definitely enjoy it!

Credit: Raven Devanney, age 14, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic

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