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NCircle Entertainment Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

NCircle.jpgHappy Anniversary to our friends at NCircle Entertainment, the DVD distributor of children’s programs such as The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!, Sid the Science Kid, Pocoyo, and WordWorld.  Whether it’s learning about ABCs and 123s, photosynthesis and metamorphosis, or the importance of being kind to others, NCircle’s family of mostly preschool shows offers hundreds of hours of enriching viewing for growing young minds. 

“Our core mission is providing quality programming that helps kids learn while entertaining them,” said Debbie Ries, senior vice president and general manager. We believe today’s moms know NCircle is a name they can trust – and we’re gratified that our numbers are bearing this out!”

Later this year, NCircle will be releasing the 2011 Academy Award-nominated short film, “The Gruffalo,” narrated by Helena Bonham Carter as well as the Australian series, “The Fairies.” Established in 2006, NCircle currently distributes more than 300 DVD titles primarily geared to the preschool audience. Congrats! Keep up the good work.

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