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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – Reviewed by Daniel and Jonah Menegaz

pirates4.b.jpg13-year-old twins, Jonah and Daniel Menegaz reviewed Pirates of the Caribbean for KIDS FIRST! this week and it was a slam dunk hit with both of them. Here’s a link to their videotaped review and below is a summary: 

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, is a continuation of the adventures of Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), this time in a race to the Fountain of Youth along with femme fatale Angelica (Penelope Cruz), the infamous pirate Black Beard (Ian McShane) and crusty Barbossa (Geoffery Rush).

The movie is very exciting, with a lot of action and a healthy dose of well placed humor.  Not only is the acting good, but the action choreography is amazing as well.

The roles of the characters are perfectly portrayed by the actors playing them.  The CGI is so real, (especially of the mermaids) you are sure to be on the edge of you seat, almost in the movie.

But if you want to feel like you’re really a part of all the action, see it in Imax or 3D… or both. The picture in Imax 3D is astonishing and helped make the movie all it could be. The soundtrack is also very well played, setting the tone of each If you’re looking for a good movie, go see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.  You’re guaranteed to have a great time!  Daniel Menegas age 13, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic

Daniel.JonalMusicSM.jpgPirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is a very entertaining action-adventure movie. The fight scenes and snappy dialogue are set up in just the right way to make the movie captivating.  As the fourth installation to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, On Stranger Tides follows characters Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), former girlfriend-turned pirate Angelina (Penelope Cruz), Jack’s nemesis Black Beard (Ian McShane) and the salty Barbossa (Geoffery Rush) all trying to find the Fountain of Youth.  According to pirate legend, a prophecy states Black Beard will be killed and stabbed through the heart by a one- legged man, so they set sail to find to the infamous fountain before the one- legged man finds them.
The sword fighting scenes are very well choreographed – like the actors are actually fighting. It’s how I imagine actual pirates would fight. Job well done.
I also thought the sound effects are great – they just make the movie. The clash of the swords, the rocking of boats, all set up in the perfect time, not a sound out of place. The music compliments the movie wonderfully. The orchestra seems to capture and define each scene flawlessly, and really sets the mood of the film.
The plot line of the movie is interesting and the numerous clever plot twists are fun but easy enough to follow.
The performances of the actors are awesome too. My favorite character is Johnny Depp, who plays the role of Captain Jack Sparrow. I might be biased because he is one of my favorite actors, but I thought he is hilarious.  The other characters are believable and fun to watch, too, so all in all, it’s a movie to see. Jonah Menegas age 13, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic

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