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Roary The Racing Car on DVD June 7

Roary.jpgNarrated in the U.S. by Indy and NASCAR racer Sam Hornish Jr., Roary the Racing Car launched on Sprout® in October of 2008, but the premiere DVD has a treat for their fans featuring episodes never-before-seen on TV.

Start your engines for fun and excitement with Roary the Racing Car and his racetrack buddies, Tin Top, Zizzy, Dragga and mischievous Maxi, as they zoom into exciting high-speed adventures. The racetrack becomes a pit stop of great times as everyone goes the extra mile for Marsha’s birthday party, Big Chris becomes a babysitter and Rusty is on a roll…without wheels! Put your pedal to the metal and buckle up for big-time fun from START to FINISH!

Episodes include:
• “Stars and Cars” – Big Chris has been invited to appear on a TV karaoke show.  The cars are worried that the success will go to his head and he’ll leave Silver Hatch forever.
• “Rusty Takes a Trip” – Rusty is fed up with sitting in one place.  Roary and the other cars plan a special surprise for him, but Rusty soon decides he prefers life without wheels!
• “Big Chris Babysits” – Big Chris has been left in charge of the track and keeping an eye on Roary and Zizzy.  But is Big Chris the one that needs looking after?
• “Roary Gets it Wrong” – Farmer Green has given Roary lots of packages to deliver to everybody around the track.  How will Roary remember which package belongs to who?
• “Computer Calamity” – Mr. Carburettor has decided that Silver Hatch needs to move with the times and do everything with computers. But Big Chris is a traditional mechanic, so what happens when the two disagree?
• “Big Chris Forgets” – It’s Marsha’s birthday, and Big Chris is in charge of organizing a surprise for her.  Why does everybody keep reminding him what he needs to do?  He wouldn’t forget anything… would he?!

• “Roary’s Day at the Seaside” Music Video


Genre: Children/Family/Ages 2-5
Running Times: 55 minutes
Program Website:  www.roarytheracingcar.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/roary-the-racingcar
Website: www.hitentertainment.com

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