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Flicka Country Pride – Heartwarming and Inspiring

Three of our youth film critics reviewed this film, which releases this week at WalMart and Sam’s Club. All loved it, particularly the horse lovers. Casey Chandler (age 10), one of our KIDS FIRST! film critics is also a horse owner. Here’s what she has to say about this film:

Flicka, Country Pride, is a heartwarming story about a girl who finds courage and determination to make her dreams come true.  This inspiring story is sure to touch the hearts of all you horse lovers out there!

The third in the series of Flicka movies, originally inspired by the classic novel by Mary O’hara, Flicka is based upon a beautiful mustang horse said to have a heart so bold, she can win a restless spirit.  In this movie, the “restless spirit”  is a girl named Kelly, played by KaceyRohl.

As a horse lover and owner, I have to admit that horse movies usually win me over.  There is such an amazing connection between riders and horses and I think that the Director, Michael Damien, once again, succeeds in showing us how truly magical that connection is between Flicka and Kelly.

The story begins when Toby (Clint Black) takes a temporary job at the Cherry Creek Stable with several horses, including Flicka in tow.  Lindy’s teenage daughter, Kelly, instantly connects with Flicka.  The spirited black mare helps Kelly get through her day of chores, school and thinking about her deceased father.  She no longer competes as a three day eventer and to make matters worse, she is pushed aside by her snobby ex-best friend.  Life is complicated for Kelly and she cannot seem to stand up for herself until Flicka comes along.  Flicka not only inspires Kelly to compete but also helps her find new and old relationships.

The movie was filmed in Kelowna, British Columbia with a storybook farm setting and countryside.   One of my favorite characters is Toby.  He became a strong link between the family’s tragic past and future filled with possibilities. Although the story was very predictable, it is hard to not enjoy the classic theme based on working hard and achieving your dreams!

I enjoyed this movie for its great cinematography and main characters.  Although the story could have been a bit stronger, I give it a 3 ½ out of 5 stars.  The movie is best enjoyed by pre teen and early teens

This is Casey Chandler reporting for KIDS FIRST!

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