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Seeking partners for showcasing our films

Do you show films? Are you looking for films to screen for your youth audiences? Then, we may be the perfect source for you. KIDS FIRST! is looking for partners to screen our films, made for and by kids, that have been accepted for our traveling children’s film festival.

As our KIDS FIRST! Film Festival celebrates its 13th year, we are looking for new partners who would appreciate the wonderful diversity of programming that we have to offer. We offer films from studios, indie filmmakers and student filmmakers that have been though our selection process and we consider “best” to offer to the 100+ venues nation and world wide who affiliate themselves with us! Over the past 13 years, our affiliates include established film festivals and film societies, community centers, libraries, children’s hospitals and boat shows! Yup, a pretty diverse group. We help program for events that bring in tens of thousands of people and events that show films to intimate groups of 20.

Whether you have partnered with us in the past or are brand new to this type of event, we are a great resource for you because we have one of the best collections of films for a youth audience ages 2 to 15. And, it’s easy!. We have made some significant changes over the last year to make the selection and screening process so much simpler.

Most of our short films can be screened, in their entirety, on our vimeo site: http://shorts.kidsfirstmedia.com/ For longer films, you may watch the trailers at  http://vimeo.com/groups/kidsfirsttrailers. For the longer films, we ship screeners to you.

For the short films, once you select which ones you wish to screen, you may download them to your computer or flash drive for exhibition, provided that your annual membership ($100) is up to date and you notify us of times and dates for your  screenings.

Our annual membership is $100/ year, and for this you may screen as many films as you wish, year round. Go to http://bit.ly/IIOByv to download our application.

All the festivals we have worked with recently love this new process, as does our staff since it eliminates a lot of shipping and reduced the time involved.

Last, if you have not watched our youth film critics reviews yet, let me encourage you to do so. We are now into the 2nd year of this program with 16 youth film critics ages 7 to 15 who won a spot through a national competition held every fall. The kids are quite wonderful. All are film buffs in their own right and all, youngest to oldest, are quite articulate and thoughtful in reviewing the films they are assigned. Please take a look at our homepage where they are features. www.kidsfirst.org

That’s it for now. Lauren and I look forward to working with you. Please let us know if there’s anything we can help you with. Call our office at 505-989-8076. We’re in the mountain time zone and are here M-F, 9-5.
Granny Ranny

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