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Thanks to RaeAnne Marsh, Welcome Lauren Longworth – New E-zine Editor

RaeAnne Marsh joined KIDS FIRST! in July of 2010 as editor of KIDS FIRST! News and has cheerfully served in that position ever since. We have only praise for the extraordinary job that RaeAnne has done over these last two plus years. She excels in meeting deadlines, adjusting to last minute changes and making everyone happy. Thanks RaeAnne for everything you have done to support this organization.

This week, Lauren Longworth, our Jury Manager, takes over as editor and we welcome her with open arms. Lauren also publishes a local edition of Macaroni Kid where she publishes a weekly newsletter. So, she’s familiar with the territory. In addition to that, her expertise in all things related to KIDS FIRST! makes her more than qualified.

Please give us your comments as we take some new direction with our weekly newsletter. Let Lauren or myself know what you think – good or bad. Don’t be too harsh on us but do give us your constructive thoughts.

Lauren’s first edition will go out tomorrow, December 4 at 6 a.m. ET.

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