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Unseemly Mary Jane as sexy laundress statuette

As I perused the morning’s various newsletters I read about children’s media and related events, I happened upon an article in the Toronto Star this morning about the highly crititicized collectible statuette of an over-sexed Mary Jane doing Spider-Man’s laundry. Ye gads, what are they thinking? A photo of the statuette accompanied the article and true to their description, there she is with oversized breasts popping out of her way too tight t-shirt, skin-tight torn jeans revealing a pink thong, bum in the air, wring out Spidey’s tights. Elizabeth McDonald of girl-wonder.org, is quoted as saying, “I find the blend of domestic subservience and sexual availability distasteful, since it is not a particularly good representation of the character.” I followed the thread to the blogs on develdoll.livejournal.com and was glad to see that most of the writers were as offended by this statuetts as I was. Comments included: “Looking on the Sideshow’s (the statuette developer) site, I’m not at all surprised that no women were on the design team. This is just detestable.” “I’m a man, and this pisses me off. Good God. No wonder some people think men are pigs.” “Thongs, clevage and a string of pearls. Oh yeah, that’s all Mary Jane is about, yes sir. I’m surprised I have any teeth left with the way this makes me want to grind them.”
I have only one thing to say to Marvel, “bad choice.”
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