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Orangutan Island Debuts On DVD August 19

Watch charismatic and precocious Bornean orangutans get a second chance to live in the wild on “Orangutan Island” Season 1. Following the dramatic and engaging format of Animal Planet’s top-rated Meerkat Manor, “Orangutan Island,” takes an up-close and personal look at rescued orangutans. Orphaned and homeless, these red-haired “children of the forest” were brought to the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Center where they were enrolled in Forest School 103. After learning important survival skills to prepare them for life in the wild, 35 of the primate graduates were released on a protected island in Kalimantan, Indonesia and challenged to form their own society and learn how to live free. Lone Droscher-Nielsen is co-founder of the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Reintroduction Project, and together with her team has created the largest primate rescue project in the world. Follow the precious primates – from feisty Daisy, the four mischievous trouble makers known as the “The Bandit Boys,” femme fatale Jasmine and moody Chen Chen, to name a few – who, unlike mostly solitary wild orangutans, are trying to live together in a community. Fascinating, entertaining and educational, “Orangutan Island” Season 1 DVD includes 13 episodes.

A desperate struggle for survival is raging deep in the heart of Borneo’s forests. Illegal logging is rapidly destroying the Bornean orangutans’ last stronghold in the wild — leaving hundreds of orangutan babies orphaned and homeless. Meet the 35 classmates of Forest School 103 at the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. These precocious red-haired “children of the forest” will get the opportunity to live wild on a protected island. Watch their journey to adulthood as they struggle to form their own society and learn how to live free on Orangutan Island.


5th Annual Big Apple Film Festival, Tribeca Cinemas, NYC, November 19-22.

Named one of MovieMaker Magazine’s “25 Festivals Worth the Entry Fee”. Submission deadline: September 1st (postmark). Features special NYC premieres, panel discussions and networking events, nightly parties, closing night awards ceremony. To submit go to http://www.bigapplefilmfestival.com/.

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