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Video Spokespersons – An Interesting Twist

Video Prospector launches revolutionary new “Try Before You Buy” online tool that allows website designers and owners to place Online Video Actors and Web Video Spokespersons of their choice directly onto their own websites. This unique tool is free to use as often as needed, allowing web designers and website owners to view and assess every Video Actor in the portfolio. tool is as simple as typing in your website name, clicking on the name of the Actor you want to preview, then moving the Actor wherever you want them. .

Media Pros Plus, Inc., an Orlando-based Internet Marketing company selling products and services under the Video Prospector brand name, announced its new “Try Before You Buy” online tool designed to assist potential clients who may be considering placing a Video Web Actor or Video Spokesperson on their own websites. By providing the URL of the client’s website and selecting any of the Actors Video Prospector currently has in its online portfolio, the selected Actor will immediately appear on the client’s website, giving the client a much better idea of how any specific Actor would look as his or her Video Spokesperson. In addition, by doing a “click and drag,” the Actor in the video can be moved anywhere on the client’s website to determine the optimum placement. Access this feature at http://www.videoprospector.com/vp/actors.htm.

Online Video Actors or Web Video Spokespersons, as they are sometimes called, are increasingly being used by all types of businesses worldwide. By providing a “human” element in welcoming visitors to their website, visitors can receive a quick summary of what the website has to offer without making the visitor wade through a lot of text. The Spokesperson can appear on the website in a variety of manners, such as fading in and then fading out, but the most popular method has been to have the Actor walk onto the website from the side of the computer screen when a new visitor arrives. The Actor then presents a 30 to 60 second script (jointly developed by the website owner and Video Prospector’s marketing department) before walking back off the side of the screen. The Actor can play a variety of roles. For instance, the Actor can speak as the website owner (such as acting out the role of a business owner, lawyer, real estate agent, etc.) and summarizing his or her credentials. Another effective strategy has been for the Actor to identify with and build a relationship with the visitor by indicating that they, too, had a need for a specific product or service and that the website they are on solved and met that need.

Video Prospector has a large portfolio of professional Actors, both male and female, whose acting backgrounds allow them to convey the look, emotion, and body language the website owner wants portrayed. The website owner has full control over how the Actor represents his or her company, from the clothes the Actor wears to the tone of the voice. Video Prospector currently has Actors that speak American English, UK English, Russian and several idioms of Spanish. Actors speaking other languages can be contracted upon request. Website owners can utilize Actors on their websites from anywhere in the world as there are no international restrictions and no local hosting requirements.

According to Mr. David Fonseca, president of MPP, “We now have a free tool our prospective clients around the world can use to actually see how an Actor of their choice would look on their own website. Even though all of our existing clients have been thrilled with the response they have received by placing a Video Prospector Spokesperson on their own website, previously they had to wait until we finished shooting and editing their Actor before they could see how they would appear. Well, not anymore. Our exclusive “Try Before You Buy” tool is as simple as typing in your website name, clicking on the name of the Actor you want to preview, then moving the Actor wherever you want them. It’s easy to use, fun, and very powerful.”

Video Prospector has developed a variety of services and products that generate leads; direct new prospects to a client’s website; use professional Actors to educate, entertain, and keep prospects on the website longer; then immediately contacts every prospect that indicates an interest through our unique Instant Contact system that calls prospects while they are still on the website! If the visitor call volume grows to a point that a website owner chooses not to handle the calls themselves, Video Prospector’s 24/7 multi-language call center is staffed with trained agents who can ask “qualifying” questions for the owner. The owner instantly receives a recording by email as soon as the call ends, allowing the owner to listen and determine which visitors are “hot” prospects requiring a speedy follow up.

By using Video Prospector products and services, our client’s website visitors receive immediate attention and live assistance exactly when they are thinking about buying, while website owners get to pick out the real buyers to contact immediately, without the need to call every person who requests information. An outline of which Video Prospector products are best for certain types of businesses can be found at http://www.videoprospector.com/cgi/d.cgi/vp/forum.htm.

For more information, go to http://www.videoprospector.com/

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