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PBS KIDS Celebrates Earth Day (April 22)

PBS KIDS is celebrating the Earth with PBS KIDS Share the Earth Day,” a special programming and online event on Tuesday, April 22. Curious George, Clifford, Arthur and an all new episode of Super Why will explore fun and engaging ways to keep the planet beautiful. PBS Parents (pbsparents.org) will offer an Earth Day expert Q&A; with Jamie Durie, host of The Victory Garden, discussing how to introduce gardening concepts to kids and what they can learn by digging in the dirt.

On the PBS KIDS preschool block, Miss Lori and Hooper teach kids how to recycle their trash, while new stories from Dot’s Story Factory show how kids at home celebrate the planet. A special never-before-seen episode of Super Why all about the importance of water conservation will debut and join the line-up with Earth Day-themed episodes from Curious George, Clifford the Big Red Dog and It’s A Big Big World, airing alongside themed music videos from the award-winning kids’ rock band, Milkshake.

PBS KIDS GO!, for elementary school kids, celebrates Earth Day with themed programming from Arthur, Maya & Miguel, and Cyberchase. Throughout the late afternoon programming block, PBS KIDS GO! presents creative ideas of how kids can take care of the environment by recycling, cleaning up their neighborhoods and more.

To help parents connect these lessons back to kids’ daily lives, PBS Parents (pbsparents.org) will recommend ideas, resources and activities for parents to share with their children and encourage them to spend more time exploring nature and take an active role in protecting the planet.

New web content on pbskids.org and pbskidsgo.org includes a reduce, reuse and recycling theme for Dot’s Story Factory so kids can tell their own stories about saving the planet; a newly redesigned EekoWorld web site (pbskidsgo.org/eekoworld), where kids can build their own creatures and learn the basics of how life survives in different ecosystems; and a sustainability and green living site titled “Meet the Greens” (pbskids.org/meetthegreens). The Greens are an environmentally conscious family who explore different methods of saving power and reducing waste in a series of short animated episodes.

Episodes for April 22 (check local listings)

SUPER WHY! “Tiddalick the Frog”
Whyatt’s mom tells him that he’s wasting water. This is a really big problem and he’s not sure how to fix it. So the Super Readers dash into the Australian folk tale of Tiddalick the Frog and make the acquaintance of a funny amphibian whose puddle jumping is using up all the water and leaving his neighbors in the dust – literally! As the Super Readers help Tiddalick and his dry friends, they learn how important water is to the planet along with a valuable lesson about conservation.

CURIOUS GEORGE “The Times of Sand”
A hard hat, a shovel, a wheelbarrow and a ladder – George learns that all four items are necessary when digging a gigantic hole. But why are George and the Man With the Yellow (Hard) Hat digging in their own yard?

CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG “Doggie Garden/Captain Birdwell’s Treasure”
It’s “Keep Birdwell Beautiful” month and the kids are doing their part by planting a flower garden. Seeing this, the dogs decide to create a doggie flower garden of their own.

IT’S A BIG BIG WORLD “World Tree Day/World Tree Cuisine”“World Tree Day” — It is World Tree Day and Snook has made badges to give to all of the residents who do something nice for the tree. “World Tree Cuisine” — It is time to celebrate the World Tree’s birthday and Madge and Snook are planning a surprise party for the tree’s residents.

PBS KIDS GO! Episodes for April 22 (check local listings):
ARTHUR “Feeling Flush”
“Feeling Flush” — When Elwood City experiences a drought, Francine bets Arthur that her family can use less water than his.

CYBERCHASE “EcoHaven Ooze”
When Hacker discovers that the liquid ooze that feeds the animals of EcoHaven also gives him a super energy boost, he decides to drain the pond and take the ooze home.

MAYA & MIGUEL “Every Day Is Earth Day”
“Every Day Is Earth Day” — For a school Earth Day project, the kids decide to clean up an old lot and plant a community garden.

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