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The Big Green – with LeBron James

NBA star LeBron James teams with Nickelodeon’s The Big Green Help campaign this summer in a new online mini-game, LeBron James: Worldwide Big Green Bike-a-thon! The game asks players to help the bike-riding James (an avatar version of him at any rate) deliver green tips around the world to earn points and make their way to the next level. Available at http://www.biggreenhelp.com/ , the game will also be featured in public service announcements airing on the network this summer.
The Big Green Help is a reality television series, which airs on Nickelodeon. The program shows how kids can find a way to take care of the Earth and make it a better place to live on.

The show premieres on Nickelodeon on April 22, 2008, on the same day as Earth Day. The show focuses on how the world can be a better place to live on by recycling and reusing recyclables. Kids can get information about the show and/or sign up to participate at the show’s website. In addition, Kids can upload and send in their videos on how to help the environment.

Stated at the 2008 Kids’ Choice Awards, Cameron Diaz wants the kids to make the world a better place to live on. Diaz informs the kids that they will change the future of the Earth, so it can be a better place to live on. Diaz is taken part of helping the environment to make it a better place for the kids to live on.

Some sample issues are:
Big Green Help Theme #1: Grow It Green

What Your Family Can Do:

Make friends with your environment by spending time outside with your child. Help her take photos of the things you each find interesting, and then look at the pictures together and discuss them.

What to Say to Kids:

What kinds of animals do you think could live in these places? What kinds of plants?

It’s a good idea to keep these outside places clean so they will be safe and comfortable for plants and animals to live and grow.

What Your Family Can Do:

Visit an aquarium, wildlife preserve, or zoo in your area and make a point of checking out the environmentally themed exhibits with your child.

What to Say to Kids:

The people who take care of wild animals have to know everything about what they need in order to live. What kinds of things do you think different animals need?

Why do people care about making sure places like forests or ponds stay clean?

What Your Family Can Do:

Take a walk around the neighborhood with your child and collect fallen leaves and flowers that you can identify when you get home with the use of field guides or online resources. (Remind your child not to touch plants without your or another adult’s permission.)

What to Say to Kids:

Do you think these plants (or flowers or trees) were planted by people or grew wild?

Plants and trees in the neighborhood are pretty, and some can be shady in summer. Which ones do you think are pretty? Do you think any birds, animals, or bugs eat the plants and leaves? Do you think any of them might be used for a home?

What Your Family Can Do:

Does your child have a favorite vegetable or flower? Create a special garden patch either outside or on a windowsill where you can plan a small garden for your child to tend. This is an opportunity to talk about the needs of growing plants and observe the growing process.

What to Say to Kids:

We care for our flower garden just like we try to care for the world around us, everywhere.

You water your plants because they must have water in order to live and grow. What do we drink?

What Your Family Can Do:

As a family you can find Earth Day activities to participate in, such as park clean-ups and tree and flower bulb plantings.

What to Say to Kids:

We’re helping keep the park clean so everyone can enjoy it.

We’re planting bulbs so in the spring there will be flowers growing here.

Ask kids how they think planting a tree helps the earth. Preschoolers can come up with their own answers, and you can suggest others, such as: trees are homes for birds and other animals; trees give us shade in the summer; people use trees to make things like paper, so it’s good to plant new trees to replace the ones we use.

If Your Child Asks: Why are we helping to clean the park?

You Can Answer: We’re helping keep the park clean so everyone can enjoy it.

If Your Child Asks: Why is it good to plant trees and other things?

You Can Answer: Trees are homes for birds and other animals, and trees give us shade. Flowers and plants are pretty and help keep the air clean.

For more ideas, go to http://www.nickjr.com/parenting/parenting_features/big-green-help/big-green-talk/earth-day-family-guide.jhtml

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