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HIT Favorites: School Days Arriving July 14

Get your pre-schooler ready for school with some of these DVDs that offer great imbedded lessons within their colorful and appealing schories. Join best pals Thomas, Barney, Fifi and the Flowertots, Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam and Kipper as they celebrate the gift of learning, meet new friends and play hide-and-seek in this school day extravaganza. Use DVDs as a way to prep your kids for a world of fun and learning in these six exciting tales of discovery and adventure:

• Thomas & Friends™ – “Thomas and the Colors”
• Barney & Friends™ – “The New Kid”
• Fifi and the Flowertots – “Flying Lessons”
• Bob the Builder – “Dizzy and the Walking Bus”
• Fireman Sam – “Fiery Finale”
• Kipper – “Hide and Seek”

Going back to school has never been more fun! There are plenty of lessons in friendship, cooperation, sharing and fun for all!

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