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More Halloween DVDs – Berenstain Bears: Halloween Treats!

We have seen a host of new Halloween titles come out this year for younger viewers. Here is a perfect one for your preschooler:

The Berenstain Bears: Halloween Treats! This only goes to show what little (bears) can do. Halloween is an adventurous time for little cubs, and there are all sorts of things that might get scary. Join in the fun as the bears celebrate the season with bats and pumpkins and tales of ghosts. Through it all, remember that the scariness is all in fun, as the Berenstain Bear cubs know. The little ones use their bravery and know-how to debunk all the thumps in the night. Some viewers might not appreciate the way the father constantly seems uncaring and selfish and mean and ignorant. However, viewers will most likely appreciate how each episode ends with a simple, yet good moral lessons such as getting along with others and not letting your fears get a hold of you. “Halloween Treats” assists children in working through problems or emotional issues and promotes pro-activity instead of reactivity. KIDS FIRST! Child Juror Comments: Really good. All the episodes were good. The characters treated each other good except for the weasels. They were friends with all the animals. It wasn’t very scary.
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