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Wow! Wow! Wubbzy: Wubb Idol – on DVD Oct 13

You’ve watched American Idol, now watch as our sweet little Wubbzy and his friends take on Wuzzlewood and learn about fame and adventure in Wubb Idol. This entertaining story keeps your toes tapping as singer, Beyonce, brings singing divas to life. Wubbzy and his good friends Widget and Walden go an the trip of a lifetime as they leave their home and travel across the country. They meet challenges along the way ranging from scheduling commitments to temptation and even facing their own fears. Their friendship pulls them all through and they learn that you can face anything in life with good friends at your side. “Wubb Idol” helps children work through problems and emotions issues and promotes a balanced appreciation of self and others. I stimulates curiosity and encourages children to think, reason, question and experiment. KIDS FIRST! Child Juror Comments: I loved it because it is so creative. I want to watch it again because it’s funny, an dI think my friends will love it. They treated each other nicely in the movie. When Wubbzy was in danger Walden and Widget helped him. It wasn’t really safe when Wubbzy was driving a motorcycle without a helmet, though. I liked the music and I would have sung with it, but I did not really know the songs. The movie helped me understand what I was doing sometimes with my friends when I was doing what only I wanted to do and they did not want to hang around. My favorite part was when Wubbzy was running away and whenever he tried to hide his hiding spots moved. Amazon.
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