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April is all about the Earth – Avatar delivers a powerful message about saving the planet

I love this film! And, its message resonates with what we are celebrating on Earth Day – saving our planet. This almost three-hour epic is considered by many as the most beautiful movie ever produced thanks to its groundbreaking 3-D and graphics technology. Set in the far future, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), travels to Pandora, a lush, jungle-covered extraterrestrial moon and home to a sentient humanoid race, the Na’vi. The 10-foot tall, blue-skinned Na’vi fight when a human corporation attempts to remove the indigenous people from their native lands. Human scientists create genetically-bred human-Na’vi hybrids known as Avatars to infiltrate the locals and discover their secrets. Jake participates in this program and encounters many dangers and beauties on Pandora as he scouts around. Our youth viewers commented, “One of my all-time favorite parts of the film is when Jake is walking through the forest of Pandora – everything lights up and looks amazing.” The movie has a fabulous soundtrack and somewhat of a new age feel that invites you into a new world. Somehow, the world of Pandora seems real and draws you in. You want to be part of that world. All in all, one of the best movies we have ever seen.. DVD. 162 min.;Ages 12-18.
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