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Learning About the Earth Starts Early – Two “Green” DVDs for Preschoolers –

You’re never too young to learn about taking care of our planet, Earth as you can see in these two terrific DVDs for preschoolers.

Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: Wubbzy Goes Green. The earth is something to celebrate as Wubbzy and his pals go green for Earth Day. We learn about re-using and recycling through the fun, animated tales. We learn about how some good ideas go bad when building a gigantic new playground results in displacing hundreds of animals whose habitat is the trees they are about to chop down. Wubbzy and his friends learn about the importance of water and then discover how plastic water bottles are creating more pollution. Song segments between the episodes re-emphasize the lessons and are catchy enough to have your kids singing along. Our young viewers loved it. Their favorite part is when Wubbzy figured out that he could make playgrounds out of trees so the animals could be saved. Then, he did it. While we get a strong save-the-earth message, the DVD doesn’t come off as too preachy. This video creates an interest in the environment and promotes pro-activity and appreciation of self and others.58 min.; $16.98; Ages 2-5. Starz/Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Sesame Street: Love the Earth. Saving the earth never gets old with Elmo and his gang. Once again Sesame Street does a brilliant job mixing education with loads of fun. We learn why it’s important not to litter and why it’s best to completely use both sides of a piece of paper before throwing it away. Lots of songs and animated segments are mixed together with live action and puppetry, keeping young viewers glued to the screen. The messages of re-using and recycling are delivered in such a way that a preschooler gets it, yet the jokes appeal to an older crowd, making this DVD perfect for family viewing. Homeschoolers can use this as part of their science curriculum because children learn that they are a key factor in saving the earth. Our youth jurors enjoyed learning about recycling and how to help nature in a fun way. They love earth and like learning ways to help protect it. Their favorite part was when Elmo was leaving with his friends and said, “Bye park, bye trees, bye blue feathered swallowing swallow.” They realized that the trees, swallow and park were their friends too. DVD. 45 min.; $12.98; Ages 2-5. Warner Home Video.
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