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How to Make a Great Preschool Series – Little Airplane Academy

Little Airplane Academy will be offering an intensive three-day workshop in February 2010. Participants will learn the fundamentals of creating a preschool series from pitching through writing, character design, directing and producing both live action and animated shows.

During the three day course, participants will get an overview of every step in the process of making a preschool series, from pitching through writing, curriculum development, directing, music, legal and production. The course covers both live-action and animation and features a team of accomplished preschool TV veterans and network executives.

How To Make A Great Preschool Series (New York)

When: Three-Day Intensive February 13 through February 15
Where: 207 Front Street, New York, NY 10038
How much: $1500 (there is no fee to apply)

For questions, please call 212-965-8999 or email: [email protected]

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