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Active and Adventure Loving Kids will Enjoy These 2 New Storybook Classics from Scholastic

ImDirty.jpgBased in the books by authors Kate and Jim McMullan, Scholastic is releasing the action-packed, rumble-tumble DVD set, I’M DIRTY! & I STINK!: THE KATE AND JIM MCMULLAN COLLECTION, including the two title stories plus ten more all about about trucks and trash and boats and bikes.  “I Stink!” features the smelly story of a New York City garbage truck that likes to eat alphabet soup whereas “I’m Dirty” shows just how grimy a sassy backhoe loader can get while doing its job.

The two-disc set also features ten adventurous stories adapted from award-winning books and celebrity narration by Andy Richter, Forest Whitaker, Steve Buscemi and others, contains Robert McCloskey’s “Burt Dow: Deep Water Man”, Dav Pilkey’s hilarious “The Paperboy”, “Stars! Stars! Stars!”, “Fletcher and the Falling Leaves”, “Johnny Appleseed”, “Trashy Town”, “The Remarkable Riderless Runaway Tricycle”, “The Beast of Monsieur Racine”, “Arnie the Doughnut” and Virginia Lee Burton’s timeless story, “Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel”.  Aside from featuring Scholastic’s innovative read-along captioning, the DVD set also includes bonus interviews with “I’m Dirty” and “I Stink!” authors Kate and Jim McMullan, and more!


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