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Roma Downey Creates Christian Pre-School Series

LITTLE_ANGELS_ABCs.jpgLittle Angels is a new DVD series created by Executive Producer, Roma Downey, star of the Touched By An Angel TV series. This animated series teaches life lessons to preschoolers through stories from the Bible.

Brother and sister, Alex and Zoe, are two ordinary kids who find that the angels their parents put on their ceiling (decorations) come to life to help them through their daily discoveries and adversities.

KIDS FIRST! reviewed two DVDs in the Little Angels series: ABC’s and Animals. In ABC’s, our main characters, Alex and Zoe, are first introduced to the Angels. They help them learn to read by showing them how you can recognize letters by their shapes and relate them to real life images. Using concepts from the Bible to help them remember, for instance, “J” looks like a fishing hook, like one you might use to catch the Big Fish that ate Jonah – which starts with a “J.” The angels also help Zoe and Alex appreciate each other and treat each other fairly, with honesty and without jealousy.

In Little Angels Animals, the angels make Bible stories come to life, allowing the children to interact with its characters while learning lessons of cooperation and hard work. Throughout, the message that “God Loves You,” helps them navigate their feelings and overcome fears and adversity. When Zoe is afraid of lightning and climbing to the top bunk, she learns from Jonah that facing her fears is less scary than not doing what God wants you to do, and as she chants “God loves me,” she is able to reach the top bunk and overcome her anxiety.

YoungLITTLE_ANGELS_ANIMALS.jpg children from religious families will delight in seeing Alex and Zoe as they are helped by angels and get to talk to characters they’ve only read about – or, since they are preschool-aged, been told about. It is comforting to children of this age to feel as if they are never really alone and they are always loved.

Each vignette is short, three fit nicely into a 30 minute DVD, and you can choose a single episode, or story, at a time. The DVDs also include some special features. Roma Downey explains her underlying idea and gives parents tips for listening to their children. You can watch music videos covering the topics of each of the stories and animated with images from each.

You can purchase these DVDs for $14.99 each at Amazon.com

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