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Garfield’s Fun Fest Releases Aug. 5th

Hold onto your lasagna! Everyone’s favorite morning-loathing, Odie-taunting, tart-tongued tabby is back for a slew of hilarious new antics in Garfield’s Fun Fest, his newest full-length computer animated feature film. Written by creator Jim Davis — Garfield, Odie, Jon, Arlene and the rest of the gang – yes, Nermal, too – are gearing up for the town’s annual talent show, Fun Fest. Having won every year, Garfield is convinced he can’t loose, especially with his long-time sidekick Arlene in tow. But when Arlene steps out with another partner, Garfield – not one for solo performances – sets out with Odie on a quest to regain his lost humor mojo and get the funny back before show time.

Now celebrating his 30th Anniversary, Garfield is one of the most beloved and enduring icons with the most widely syndicated comic strips in the world – 263 million readers and counting.

Synopsis: Garfield, long-running champion of the Fun Fest talent show, believes he can’t lose. Problem is, his sidekick (and girlfriend) Arlene wants to change the act. When Garfield refuses, Arlene hooks up with a suave, narcissistic newcomer, Ramon, for a show-stopping Tango. Not one for solo performances, Garfield loses his humor mojo! With hours ticking away till showtime, Garfield, with pal Odie in tow, sets out to find the Holy Grail of Guffaws — the magic pond of funny water within the Mystical Forest he read about in a fairy tale storybook. On a journey filled with riddles, jokes, quirky characters and a comedy guru (Freddy the Frog, the very first funny…anything!), can Garfield learn the lessons of true comedy and make it back in time to capture first prize and win Arlene back?

DVD Includes: Exclusive Comic Booklet By Jim Davis; DVD-Rom games “Destination Fun Fest” and “Tango Toss.”

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