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“Growing Up” Series Charge Onto DVD For the First Time August 8th

Enter the world of elephants, zebras, giraffes and hyenas, as baby animals experience a variety of firsts and find their way in Animal Planet: Growing Up Safari, debuting on DVD August 5 from Genius Products and Animal Planet. Featuring four episodes from the top-rated Animal Planet series, “Growing Up Rhino,” “Growing Up Zebra,” “Growing Up Giraffe” and “Growing Up Hyenas” each provides a heartwarming look as these babies learn valuable lessons and overcome challenges with the help of professional caregivers. From a rhinoceros mud bath, to an up-close look at the early lives of a group of intelligent and underestimated hyenas, Animal Planet: Growing Up Safari unveils their amazing stories as they embark on thrilling journeys into adulthood.

“Growing Up Rhino”Orphaned baby rhinos Tunzi and Tandi grow up in the safety of Pretoria’s Wildcare Africa Trust. Tunzi takes his first mud bath while caregivers go to great lengths to save Tandi when she contracts a mysterious illness.
“Growing Up Zebra” Sanwild Animal Sanctuary founder Louise Joubert raises three baby zebras. Cassidy, a badly injured foal, grows into a mischievous rascal. He and his two cohorts, Shadow and Sky, experience joys, adventures, and adversity in their journey back to the wild.
“Growing Up Giraffe”An orphaned giraffe is placed in the care of two keepers at a northern California wildlife sanctuary. Keepers Kim and Sheri fill Kulula the giraffe’s tragic life with hope and devotion as they prepare her to join the sanctuary’s herd.
“Growing Up Hyenas” The hyena is often relegated to the role of skulking scavenger – always the villain and never the hero. But one man is committed to showing the world that hyenas are intelligent, strong and fearless predators – to be respected and not maligned.

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