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Kid and Adult Reviews Make KIDS FIRST! Special!!

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

What makes KIDS FIRST! reviews so unique?? We include the feedback of both adults AND kids in every review we make. Our specially trained adult and child jurors across the country are what makes the KIDS FIRST! program so special! Here are some tips to consider when reviewing children’s media with your jury of kids:

· Make sure that the reviews are specific to the adult or kids. Adult reviews should not contain kids’ comments or reactions and kids’ reviews should not contain adult comments or reactions (just adult observations.) Instead of saying in your kids’ review, “Kids didn’t understand all of the vocabulary”, you might say “the kids looked confused when they used larger words” or “kids asked me what a lot of things meant” or even, “kids seemed to be enjoying the film, even though I’m not sure they fully understood it.”

· Give details and examples as often as possible. Saying that something is age-appropriate does not tell us why. Remember that you are the reviewer and don’t assume that we have watched the movie. Here is an example of an adult juror question and an excellent answer given by one of our long-term jurors, Laurie Harrington, in her review of Travel With Kids Paris:

Q: If modeling behaviors are demonstrated, are they positive? Are social interactions respectful of race, culture and gender?

A: The mother taking the time to learn a bit of French and then teach the children to respect the country and peoples by having fun trying to use the language shows great respect. The people filmed interacting with the family responded very positively to those efforts. I love that chipping away at the ugly American stereotype!

Thanks! Add your tips, and stop by often!

Lauren Longworth,

Jury Manager


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Mom Study Group – Participants Needed!

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008
Dear Mothers:
Greetings! As mothers we have a lot to juggle in this rapidly changing world in which we
live. The Motherhood Study Team is conducting a study of mothers in the USA. This is a
study exploring the multi-faceted lives of women while they are in the midst of having
and raising children. We invite you to participate in this study.
We are independent researchers seeking unbiased results. At this early phase we are
not able to offer any compensation other than a non-judgmental forum in which to
express and perhaps learn about yourself.
Participation is completely voluntary and will be 100% computer based. You can even
participate in your pajamas! Over the next several weeks we will email you surveys to
complete and return within 3 days. Some will be multiple choice and others are open
questions to which you can answer however you choose.
If you have any questions, please email:  [email protected].
Thank you for your efforts and we look forward to hearing from you.
We are confident that together we are going to learn what works best for mothers
throughout the country! Thanks for your participation.
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