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Film Critic Search and Media Literacy

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Casey.Camille.jpgKIDS FIRST! recently announced the opening of our 2013 KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Search Campaign. With 5 great titles to view and review, your child might be the next KIDS FIRST! Star!

Now you ask, what does the Search have to do with media literacy? I’ll tell you. A good review has many elements to it. But anyone can tell you what a movie is about. As a film critic, it’s your job to look at the deeper message. That is, what is the story really trying to tell us? How does the moral of the story apply to our every day lives?

Once you’ve identified the deeper message, next you will need to think about how the message is delivered. By this I mean, did the characters act as you would have expected them to? Do they treat each other well and display positive behaviors? If not, was there a lesson learned or a consequence for negative behavior?

Often we watch media like sponges, absorbing the images without looking deeper at what we are consuming. When you write your KIDS FIRST! review, challenge yourself to really consider the film maker’s true message to the audience. Include this in your review and you are sure to stand out among the other entries!

Enter the 2013 KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Search Contest now!

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