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November Jury Training Class

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Our next Jury Training Class is scheduled for November 2 and November 4 at 8:30 pm EST. This is a two-part course, so in order to complete the training you must attend both the Monday and Wednesday night’s class.

It’s a wonderful time to join our jury as we have been recieving more and more independently produced DVDs, CDs and computer games then ever before. In addition, we are also reviewing many DVDs and films from major production companies, often before they are released to the public! Build up your own library while helping kids learn to become critical media consumers. Remember, you won’t get sent any products to evaluate without your permission on the timing and type of media (ie. DVD, CD, CD-rom, etc.)

To join the class, please complete an online application form and confirm that you will be able to attend the October dates. Your $30 fee, fully refundable once you’ve completed training and evaluated your first 6 titles with your jury, can be paid by check in advance, or with a MasterCard or Visa by phone. Contact us if you are interested in setting up a private class or need more information.

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Getting Kids to Talk – Ages 5-8

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Still need some ideas for how to get the kids on your jury to talk and become critics in their own right? Today I will share some KIDS FIRST! tips for working with ages 5-8.

Children in this age group respond well to programs that promote a sense of security and accomplishment, such as “how to” programs that teach magic tricks or science experiments; programs concerning separation issues with parents; pets that rescue. They model heroes they see on TV and in the movies. These kids often enjoy fairy tales, musicals, animal stories and other inspirational programs.

Though kids ages 5-8 are often quite forthright about responses, they may need prodding for specific comments. Girls and boys may respond differently. At KIDS FIRST! we use actual quotes from the kids on a jury, and we often print them verbatim in our reviews. We recommend trying to talk to the older ones in a manner that they can relate to. For example, one Juror had a six-year-old boy who loved the word “cool.” Rather than asking him if he liked the video she would say, “Johnny did you think the video was cool?” Then she would follow up with “why?” By that time she knew she had his attention and he was ready to explain.

Interested in starting your own jury? Visit our jury page to learn more about the program; contact us for information; and sign up for our next jury training course, from the comfort of your own home!

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