Jury Coordination and Notes

Blog, what’s that?

Ok, so I used to love technology. Then I had a baby and in the last five years the world has really changed. Ranny said, “do your blog”, and I suddenly felt inadequate in this new age of internet communications. Email, I know. But, blog!! So here is my first effort.

First, I want to explain what this blog is for. Obviously, I can use it just to blow off steam, but primarily it will be a way for me to communicate with the KIDS FIRST! jurors, help them communicate with one another, and let the world know about what we are doing at KIDS FIRST! I may wish to tie in ideas about how to use media with the children in your life, and other things to do with kids. Oh, and who can resist talking about how great Santa Fe is!

In addition to my thoughts, I want to know what your kids like to do, tips on getting your jurors together, fun film club ideas, what’s the best movie you reviewed this year and other great information about kids, media and life related to these things.

I hope these tips an discussions are always helpful and spark interesting conversations.

Wish me luck!!

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