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Don’t let your kids become passive!

Student filmmaker Ryan Wham At KIDS FIRST! we know that kids are exposed to all sorts of media. We hear the complaints about kids watching too much TV and not being active enough. That is why we think it is especially important that you don’t let your kids become passive about what they watch. There are lots of great ways to get kids more involved, both physically and intellectually, with what they watch on TV or DVD. Here are some suggestions forbecoming “active” media viewers:

  1. Become a Film Critic – ask questions to help evaluate media. Have them write their opinions about a film and print it in the “family newspaper” or start your own TV critic show whereyour kids can talk about a film (for more information about becoming a home film critic, see next week’s blog!)
  2. Take it outside! Did you learn something interesting in that movie you just watched? Did you wonder how to have a career like the one you just saw in that DVD? In order to make media watching time really count – go out and explore! Look online for resources and information. Go outside and try that messy experiment you just saw.Go to the library and borrow books or magazines.
  3. If its pure fantasy your children like, they can make up their own fun fantasy! Write a book and don’t forget to include artwork. Write a play, make costumes and production sets. Get other kids or family members to act it out. Find out about other science fiction writers and borrow books from the library.

Life is a process of learning, so try to take advantage of every learning moment and find out more!

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