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Princesses Like To Rock Too!

moeys.jpgCalling all Princesses! Do you like to rock? Are you ready for a Princess Revolution? If you are, you have to get yourself a copy of Moey’s Music Party: Princess Revolution. KIDS FIRST! recommends this rockin’ CD for kids (especially princesses) ages 1-5.

Moey’s Music Party, the award-winning children’s band, encourages tiara-rific girls everywhere to revel in their brainpower, independence, joy and style. Contains 15 rocking original songs that promote confidence and self-expression while tackling subjects like sharing, body image, keeping promises, and standing up to bullies. Princess Revolution! includes modern musical retellings of classic fairy tales such as “Sleeping Beauty,” “The Princess and the Pea” and “Snow White.”

Here’s what KIDS FIRST! Jurors had to say: Cute rock n’ roll take on music for your favorite princess. Princess theme, but music isn’t too girly, appealing to a wide range of pre-school aged girls. Fun, upbeat songs for your favorite princess. Familiar songs done in an unfamiliar way. Will have kids jumping and singing along. The perfect gift for your music-loving princess!

Kids loved the music too! “These are fun songs.” “I like princesses a lot.” “I know some of the songs, but not like on the CD.” “I like to dance to the songs and I took my princess dolls and let them jump on the bed too!” “I’d like to listen to the Jumping On The Bed song right now.”

Princess Revolution is available for sale from Lemonade Productions LLC at moeysmusicparty.com

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