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Prequels, reboots, remakes, epilogues and sequels by Gerry Orz

AttackofSequels.jpgToday, it seems as if nobody really has an original idea anymore. The majority of films are remakes reboots or sequels. With the new film Jurassic World being a reboot of the original Jurassic series and Avengers: Age of Ultron a sequel to the original Avengers, the pattern continues. Of course, I’m not saying that it is always bad. But, it’s expected and predictable to some degree. Once you see a remake of a film you already know, do you think about how the whole story of that idea will be done again?

Of course, there are so many original ideas out there. For example, Disney’s new films Tomorrowland and Inside-Out are great examples of completely original ideas. But, it seems as if we only see those maybe three or four times a year.

Why did this happen? Well it is most likely that Hollywood has been overdone many times. There are literally thousands of films out there that we can watch. Funny enough you can say. In a way, Hollywood has been overused. Some people may argue that these reboot sequels are actually good. They continue a story, explore character development. There is a good side. We know the characters. We love them. They practically have become members of our families.

But, you might ask yourself, why don’t we just create new ideas? Is it because it’s quicker, safer and easier to pump out a film that already has a set of characters that are already tested? It take so much longer to make an original film then to make a reboot or a continuation. I mean, it takes a few months just to create the idea of a film.

I think its time that we say goodbye to all these reboot, sequels, epilogues and prologues. It is time for some original ideas instead of Star Wars Episode 8th, 9th and 10th.  Everybody loves Star Wars but it’s time for something new. The same goes for all these superhero movies. We all know how Super Heroes Ant-Man: Captain America would end. Take Headshot.GerrySM.jpgsomething like Inside Out. Nobody knew how that would end. Or Tomorrowland – that has a complete surprise ending. These films are actually entertaining because you’re waiting for something you don’t expect.

Sometimes it’s nice to continue the story, to get to know the characters in the world they live in, but sometimes enough is enough.

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