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YouTube: What You Did and Did Not Know, Now You Do by Gerry Orz

google_youtube.jpgYouTube is the third most popular site of the 300,000,000 sites of the Internet. It has over One Billion accounts, just to give you a perspective. This is a whopping one-third of the Internet!

Let’s compare it to good old TV. By that I mean, providers that usually provide you with hundreds, sometimes thousands of channels. This seems like a pretty good bargain, but lets look a bit deeper. Those thousands of channels all air different things at different times. Want to watch a particular show? Wait until nine tonight. While on Netflix, (which  has 64 million users, 10 million more than every large TV provider), there are thousands of movies and TV shows available for instant streaming. So many people have decided to just use their Amazon Prime and Netflix accounts and eliminate the satellite line. With new Smart TV’s becoming cheaper and cheaper, soon these ultra large instant streaming services, and others such as Hulu, are going to be leading in TV programming. Already, for many shows, they are aired on Amazon Instant Video before going to live TV.

Let’s peak into YouTube a bit more. This massive site is getting all the more popular with people of all ages. Although it may not have movies and new episodes of shows, there are around 300 hours of independent videos uploaded every minute! Yes, you heard me right. That is equal to a whole season on TV and, it’s not just coverage and tutorials on Headshot.GerrySM.jpgYouTube. There are so many skit channels and channels that are entire series, some as famous as big TV shows. Another thing about all YouTube is that, if you’re like almost every other person in United States, you have some sort of computer and some sort of Internet access, or have an Internet providing place nearby such as a library or fast food places. So, you can get it for free. Of course, there is paid content like movies and TV shows on YouTube but, let’s be honest, with millions of hours of videos on YouTube, everyone has a channel that makes content that’s perfect for them. Thousands of people spend all of their TV watching time watching programming on YouTube. The largest channels have 10,000,000+ subscribers. Not only do viewers get entertained for hours, the creator makes a career out of it. The largest part of entertainment known as TV is transforming into a new thing where someone can have a good idea and produce it with their phone. People are wrong about TV watching dying. TV is evolving into a much larger entertainment system through this system known as the world wide web.

If you’re not a YouTube user already, it might be time to give it a while. And, while you’re at it, subscribe to our KIDS FIRST! Channel and be the first to get our latest reviews and red carpet coverage.

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