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Transformers: Earthspark * An Action-Packed Adventure With Heartwarming Friendships And Strong Family Bonds

A new species of Transformers must find their place and purpose among Autobots, Decepticons, and the human family who adopts them.

KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Madeleine H. comments, “I like the series Transformers: Earthspark!   It is an action-packed adventure with heartwarming friendships and strong family bonds that I enjoyed with my whole family.” See her full review and red carpet interviews below.  

Transformers: Earthspark
Madeleine H. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 10

I like the series Transformers: Earthspark!   It is an action-packed adventure with heartwarming friendships and strong family bonds that I enjoyed with my whole family. 

Fans familiar with the Transformers franchise will enjoy the familiar characters and meet some new ones.  Anyone new to Transformers will quickly become acquainted with their history while discovering the first bots born on Earth along with a brother and sister duo, Robby Malto (Sydney Mikayla) and Mo (Zion Broadnax), who share a unique bond.  Robby and Mo recently moved from Philly to small town Witwicky where their mom, Dot Malto (Benni Latham) has taken a job as a park ranger and they have left their friends behind.  When Robby, frustrated with his new life, decides to bike back to Philly, his sister Mo, who is never left out of his adventures, follows along.  A strange encounter with Autobots and some unusual spiderbots has them tumbling off a bridge and discovering a secret cave.  Their curiosity and sense of adventure lead them to forming a bond with the first earthborn bots, Twitch (Kathreen Khavari) and Thrash (Zeno Robinson) who they are emotionally connected to.  Through some humorous activities and harrowing adventures Twitch and Trash become the vehicle bots that suit their personalities and are part of the Malto Family.

The production quality is superb with vivid animation and crisp colors; the images are so realistic. For example, the texture of Mo’s hair looks real. The voice acting is excellent with each character distinct and believable.  Robby is voiced by a female but sounds like a teen boy and when Mo and Robby take a tumble their grunts and groans sound believable. And of course, the action is exciting and explosive!  When the Transformers click into action the battles are fast and furious.

The sound effects really enrich the story and propel the action. The Autobots whirl and rev into their Transformer selves. In terms of the storyline, the amazing bond that Robby and Mo share is special, and the strength and determination of Mo is truly inspiring. It’s so great to see a female protagonist take the lead.  Another strong female character is Skywarp (Nicole Dubuc); she is smart, self-assured and fierce.  There are old school favorites from previous films in the franchise like Optimus Prime (Alan Tudyk), Mr. Malto (Jon Jon Briones) and Bumblebee (Danny Pud) who I love seeing here.

The message in these episodes revolve around togetherness and learning to fit in. These episodes are sure to be great fun with the classic struggles with the Autobot Decepticons Transformers robots, the togetherness of the human Malto Family, and the first Transformers robots to be born on Earth – the Terrans, who are learning how they fit in.

I give Transformer: Earthspark 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 12, plus adults.  Transformers: Earthspark premieres on Paramount + Friday, November 11, 2022.


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