Jury Coordination and Notes

The Judges – by Gerry Orz

Awards3.jpgWe had a lot of surprises this year at the Golden Globes. What’s interesting is that it seems as if a lot of actors and movies that won were as much surprised as the audience. It created lots of arguments and discussions in the entertainment world.

This made me think that it may be time for newer, perhaps younger judges. I think that we keep the current judges but add some younger judges, maybe include teens and young adults who love and know films.

Times are changing and less and less we hear people say “Kids don’t know a thing about films and how they are made.” Kids like me and hundreds of others know about films and know what makes a good film. We are living and breathing the world of movies and intuitively feel what’s good and what’s not. I believe that it’s time to have more yoGerry.O.jpguth opinions in choosing the award winners at the Golden Globes and others. Because, if kids had been included, I don’t believe How to Train Your Dragon 2 would have been chosen. The movie is great, don’t get me wrong. But, for many kids, it is the same or very similar to the last one. Kids know what makes a good film and perhaps today’s youth should be looked at as future judges for the Academy Awards as well. Just my opinion. Gerry Orz

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