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Top 5 Oscar Hosts By Keefer C.Blakeslee

Oscar_Awards.jpgIt’s a wonderful night for Oscar! Oscar, Oscar, Who will win?

Ladies and Gentleman, the biggest night in Hollywood is coming up, the Academy Awards. The time to honor the films from the past year. What makes award shows like this amazing? For me it’s the host. The one who sets the tone for the night, keeps the show moving forward, all while having the audience rolling in the aisle. The Academy, throughout the years, have hired the best hosts. In honor of the 87th annual Academy Awards, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, I have compiled a list of the top five best Oscar hosts. These are the hosts that I think are the most memorable, creative and funny.

Note: I am judging the hosts by their opening act. Also, only solo hosts. No groups or duos.

Number 5: Jon Stewart
Kicking off the list is satirical comedy by Stewart. He has hosted two times and is an entertaining host. Stewart is known for poking fun at political affairs. When Stewart hosted in 2008, the Writers strike just ended and the nominated films were No Country for Old Men and There will be Blood. Stewart replied “Does this town need a hug?” He was still able to create a light heated atmosphere.

Number 4: Hugh Jackman
Next on the list is this handsome and talented Australian actor. Hugh has hosted the Oscars only once, but left an impact with his opening musical number. The high energy, choreographed number was stupendous. Plus, as a host, Hugh was charming, classy and had a great sense of humor.

Number 3: Johnny Carson
The king of late night television hosted the Oscars five times and never failed to make the audience laugh. Carson was not only a charismatic person, but he was a born host. Everyone of his opening monologues were welcoming and amusing.

Number 2: Whoopi Goldberg
The first female to host the Oscars and one of the best. Whoopi hosted a total of four times and each one was better than the last. Her first time hosting the Oscars in 1994 was just after Billy Crystal’s three-year run as host. That was a tough act to follow. However, Whoppi managed to be a sassy and witty host.

Honorable Mentions: Steve Martin (Hosted three times), Bob Hope (Hosted 18 times. Mote than any other.)
Number 1: Billy Crystal
What can I say? Crystal hosted nine times. He knows what he is doing. Crystal is known for singing the nominations for Best Picture to the theme of show tunes. For example, when Titanic was nominated, he sang to the style of Gilligan’s Island. The man is the Oscars. He’s experienced, hilarious and the best Oscar host ever!

That was my personal list of the Best Oscar Hosts. Who is your favorite and why? I can’t wait to watch the 87th Academy Awards on February 22nd. I’m eager to see what this year’s host, Neil Patrick Harris has in-store.

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