Juror Manual

Evaluation Format

You will be rating every thing on the following attributes...


  • Appeal - How much did you like watching the program? Is it enjoyable?
  • Content – Did you like the subject matter and the way the story was told?
  • Production quality – Is the sound, location, costumes and/or animation pleasing and professional?
  • Benefits – Are there other benefits from watching this title? For instance does it teach something, make you curious to know more, provide a wider world view or increase understanding and awareness?
  • Age-appropriateness – Is the pace, content and production quality appropriate for the intended age group? If not, what age group would it be appropriate for (if any)?

For our volunteer Jurors, please read the guidelines below before you write your first review.

A. Your review should be approximately 300 words long.

B. Always put the title of the film at the top, your name, your age, and the date of your review.

C. Follow this format for your sample 300 word review:

  • Begin the first paragraph with a short sentence telling how well you liked or didn't like the film. Use your own words and make them interesting. i.e. This film is so funny, I found myself laughing so hard I thought I would cry.
  • Follow that, in the same paragraph, give two to three reasons why you did or did not like it. Give specific examples. .
  • In the second paragraph, give a brief synopsis of what happens in the film. Use three to four sentences only. Remember, this is not a play by play report. Please do not give away the ending (spoiler alert).
  • In the third paragraph describe the production aspects of the film. i.e. the camera work, or animation technique, the sets or locations, the acting (and who plays who), the soundtrack and/or background music, the plot and pace of the film, character development, and similar. Be sure to point out your favorite or least favorite parts and say what you liked or disliked about them. Give specific examples.
  • Be sure to spell actors' names correctly Use the internet movie database (IMDB.com) to get correct spellings.
  • In the fourth paragraph, describe the message of the film. Also, let us know if there are any warmings in terms of gratuitous violence, profanity, inappropriate behavior, bias, or unsafe behavior. This is the point that you can reject a film if it does not meet the KIDS FIRST! endorsement criteria.
  • Wrap it up. Give it a star rating (5 high), age recommendation (between 2 and 18) and tell us where it can be found (Digital, Theater, Elsewhere?).

D. Send us your review. Mail it to [email protected].

That's it! Pat yourself on the back. Good job! We'll send you notes on your sample review.

Welcome to our team! We rely on people like you!

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