Juror Manual

Important reminders about your written review

  • Please follow the five paragraph format for reviews as described earlier.
  • Please be sure to give specific examples in your review. Avoid making generic statements.
  • Remember that the entire review is a reflection of your opinion or what you think of the film, so you don't need to start sentences with "I think..." or "I believe..." or "In my opinion..." The whole review reflects your thoughts and opinions.
  • Be enthusiastic. If you liked a program, show it! If you didn't, show that too!
  • Remember that your age recommendation needs both the lowest and highest age you recommend, between age 2 and 18. i.e. I recommend for ages 5 to 8. If you think adults will enjoy it also, you can add "plus adults." i.e. I recommend for ages 12 to 18, plus adults.
  • Avoid recommending how the program can be improved. Evaluate it for what it IS not what it could be.
  • Enjoy and have fun. Hopefully this will give you the opportunity to watch things you normally might not.

Evaluation Process
Using KIDS FIRST! Criteria
Evaluation Format
Rejecting a Title
Review Reminders
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