Adult Juror Manual

Evaluation Process

  • Producers or PR teams submit their titles to KIDS FIRST! for evaluation. We do not randomly select films to evaluate and review.
  • KIDS FIRST will contact Jurors by email to offer an assignment to review a film.
  • We generally ask for a 3 to 4 day turn around on reviews. If you need additional time, let us know..
  • We will either ship the media to you, send you to a live screening or give you access to an online screener.
  • You will either write a review free form or, in some cases, use one of our online evaluation forms.
  • All online forms are available at
  • Your evaluation will be compiled with those from other jurors and uploaded to our website. Rejected titles do not appear on the KIDS FIRST! website.
  • Our reviews are also carried by numerous publishing partners and reach an audience of 1 to 7 million per release.

Evaluation Process
Using KIDS FIRST! Criteria
Evaluation Format
Rejecting a Title
Review Reminders
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