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Think 3D is a passing fad?

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

At the 3D Entertainment Summit at the Hollywood and Highland Center last week, titans of the industry including James Cameron and Robert Iger weighed in regard the future of 3D. Cameron, who is spending 18 million to convert Titanic to 3D says that “As soon as the TV industry gets 3D right, it will quickly become a pervasive success across all mediums and every movie wil be made in 3D.”

Robet Iger, President and CEO of Walt Disney Company says “3D is really compelling” and sees a huge future in the sports area for 3D. For more info check out Scott Hettrick’s 3D Hollywood

mib3.jpgSo say those producing the films, but Sony has sent a letter to theater owners saying it will stop footing the bill for 3D glasses in May 2012. These cost the studios $5 to $10 million per major release. But who’s going to foot the bill? Movie goers already pay a premium for 3D. Will they also pay for the glasses at the theater? Studios began paying for the glasses to provide an incentive for theaters to convert, but now want someone else to pay. What’s your opinion?

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