Jury Coordination and Notes

Start Your Film Critics Club in Time for School!

August is a great time to take our Jury Training Course and have your Film Critics Club ready to go in time for the start of school.

We’ve had an outstanding reaction to our new online class format and all our new jurors are now enjoying working with kids to evaluate films and other media. This is a fabulous opportunity to teach new communication skills, help kids become more media literate, see independent titles difficult to find elsewhere, view large production titles – often before anyone else, all while building up your media library or helping a non-profit of your choice to do so. Both Adult and Child Juror reviews are posted on our website and in several publications. You and your jury can help others make good media choices for their families.

The next class is on August 3 and August 5 (Monday and Wednesday) evenings at 8pm EST. In order to complete this 2-part training you will need to attend both nights. Classes last approximately one hour each. To attend you will need access to a phone or headset and a computer with internet access. You may also choose to set up a private training for an additional non-refundable fee of $20. The regular course fee is $30, but it is completely refundable once you’ve completed training and reviewed your first 6 titles in the first 6 months.

Don’t delay! Fill out an application form and our Jury Manager will contact you to make arrangements. Contact for more information, or visit our Jury web page.

(Pictured above: The Tails of Abbygail, one of the many wonderful independent titles our jurors have endorsed.)

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