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Great New Jury Classes – Available When You Are!

CartoonComputerGuy.jpgWant to become a Juror, but can’t seem to make it to any of the online classes? Started your jury training and still haven’t finished part 2 because of your busy schedule? Well, I have good news! Whether you want to take a live webinar, or train during your free time, the option is now all yours!

Our Juror Training Webinar is now available in a recorded version! This means you no longer have to work around our schedule, the whole program is available online and by email. Even if you choose the recorded option, you will still receive a personal trainer to take you through the process. The class can be completed in as little as two days if you wish!

NEW LIVE CLASS DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON! Live classes are fun and interactive, though the content is the same as the recording.

Here is what you need to do to get signed up:

  1. Go online and fill out our online application form. If you are already signed up, and just need to complete the course, then all you need to do is email the Jury Manager for instructions. On the form, please note whether you prefer the live class or the recorded version of the webinar. If you need to request a fee waiver for the class, please note that on the form as well.
  2. Pay the $10 admin fee.The admin fee covers our cost to provide this training. A limited number of waivers are available. Payment instructions and waiver decisions will be provided after the online application has been completed.

Once you’ve completed the application process, you will receive all the instructions you need. Contact us with your questions and check out the Jury Web Page for more information.

Don’t delay! With new movies out all the time, independent films, games and now iPhone, iPod and iPad apps in for review, it’s a great time to become a juror!

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