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I love you moms with all my heart – Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s day is something special – a day where moms are the ones who should relax, who should have fun. I have twice the fun on Mother’s Day because I have two moms. In the ‘industry,’ people do things to make moms feel appreciated as well. Google glass made a film just for Mother’s Day called “Seeds” – a short 5 minute film. A YouTube group did an interesting experiment. They gathered a group of people and did a survey. “What if you did not get paid. You worked all day, everyday. You have to drive everywhere and be available immediately at any point of the day.” Who would want this job and what type of job it would be? The majority of answers were – it’s a job of being a mother. Another thing Hollywood did is released a comedy called “Mom’s Night Out.” Everyone wanted to do the best for Mother’s Day, but sometimes, you just can’t say it in words how much you want to give, for how great mothers are. Kids can’t get their mothers expensive presents or luxurious vacations that they deserve so it’s hard to find a perfect gift that will clearly say “I love you and appreciate what you do for me every day.” This Mother’s Day, I got my two moms something, small, simple, yet nice. I hope they like it. Many times, kids just give their mothers hugs, saying, “You’re so great.” I couldn’t find a good enough present so I gave them this:

They are  a miracle
They are  a gift
They help us everyday
from December to May.

They drive us places
even though cars make mazes.
They cook, clean and pay for us.
They don’t make us ride the bus.
They pay, all day, from December to May.

They would go from where to the sky is grey
to San Francisco Bay.
All for us,
they are the super hero without a cape,
they are the perfect humans in millions
they would make us 100 crepes!

They are best
better than the rest
I have 2 in my home
that are better than all of Rome!

They are my loves, my moms.
They deserve the world.
The ones that I give my palm
The ones that I want to give the universe to.
I love them so much.
They even are there when I go boo hoo.

Just the softness of their touch,
is comforting.
They are my moms
and they are my role models.
My heroes.
I love you moms with all my heart – Happy Mother’s Day!

Gerry Orz, age 12, comes from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA and has one older sibling, Dennis. He enjoys watching movies and football, cooking and traveling with his family, playing video games and is an avid filmmaker who writes and makes movies with his friends. Gerry’s favorite film is Jack and Jill. His favorite actors are Ellen DeGeneres and Adam Sandler. Ellen because she is amazing, funny, smart and so kind. She inspired Gerry to believe in himself and try to make a difference in the world. As a result, he has produced a number of educational movies and created a non-profit organization called Kids Resource. Adam Sandler is his other favorite actor because “he is an amazing actor and comedian, always stays true to himself.” Gerry is a huge fan of directors Steven Spielberg and George Lucas and he aspires to become a film director, producer and writer. “I want to make movies that will have a positive impact on today’s youth and will inspire them to follow my footsteps to a better tomorrow.” He is already off to a great start, having produced several films including a short, Day of Silence, that inspired a new bill in CA to proclaim 12/12/12 Bullying Prevention Day. Gerry received many emails thanking him for making that film. “We heard stories where parents believed that my movie saved their child’s life.” On 12/12/12 at 12 p.m., Gerry had followers in six states and four countries joining in a moment of silence. “I plan to expand in coming years and get more people on board to honor 12/12 and work towards making the world a better place.” As a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Gerry enjoys learning more about movies and film making and improving his own movies so they can be included in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival.”

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