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Evolution of Film by Gerry Orz

Cineorama_camera.jpgIn the late 1800s, art took a huge leap, the first films were created. Of course, compared to modern films they were very basic – no color, sound, no steady cam. It looked like a whole bunch of pictures were taken with a cardboard camera. That was the first few films which were, at the most, one minute long. This illusion of moving pictures was what the first films looked like.

In 1910, the first movie camera was made, a film camera. Today, a film camera is part of our every day life. But back then, it was revolutionary. A genius didn’t need a movie camera to make a colored film. A person manually colored the film by making adding red, blue, yellow and so on. Soon enough, sound came into play. However, this was a somewhat dangerous transition and a lot of silent movie actors were out of a job for they didn’t have very good speaking voices.

Today, we have digital, super HD cameras with crystal clear sound and what used to be rolls of tape the size of a head is on a small SD card. It leads us to ask what is next? Well, Cannon, Sony and others are racing to make their cameras better quality. You might ask how? Their $10,000 cameras are already producing videos that look very realistic. Well, apparently not. The D’s aHeadshot.GerrySM.jpgre getting bigger. First we had 2D, then 3D, then 4D / Smellivision. But, what about being inside the film? I mean not with 4D where you feel physical attributes but, actually playing a role in the film? I predict that by 2020, there will be such advanced cameras, that we will see our self in a film and we will be part of  the story.

Time will tell. For now – I can’t wait to see what’s next in store for my favorite industry – movie making.

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