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2018 Directors Close-Up: Lady Bird: Adolescence, Angst and Acting by Gerry Orz


The first event of the 2018 Director’s Close Up featured four crew members from the brand new phenomenal movie, Lady Bird. What makes this film unique is not its use of cutting edge technology, or appearance of noteworthy actors. Instead, the film shows something much more involved – reality.

Throughout the event, director Greta Gerwig describes the process of how she was able to accomplish this goal. Instead of simply telling a story, Greta was able to make it feel real, like something that could have happen to any of us. The eye-opening discussion also talked in detail about the costume design. Just like the film as a whole, it feels realistic and natural. April Napier, the costume designer of the film, talked about how they worked hard on every single detail to make the clothes look terrible on purpose.

Images courtesy of WireImage and Film Independent. From Left to Right, Moderator Jeff Duplass, Director/Writer Greta Gerwg, Marielle Scott (Shelly Yuhan), Jordan Rodrigues (Miguel Mcpherson

What can only be called incredible is the ability to combine stark realism with humor. This combination worked due to the Greta’s masterful writing and brilliant directing. She, along with the two of the film’s actors, Jordan Rodrigues (Miguel Mcpherson) and Marielle Scott (Shelly Yuhan), talked about how crucial timing is. Conversations are not slow, they are as quick as bullets going back and forth between the people as it would happen in any regular family. Lady Bird nails that with thirty-second long scenes that not only enhance the story but show amazing character development.  I found this Q & A truly an eye-opener to the fact that making a film that feels real has many challenges. However, a talented filmmaker can overcome them to produce a beautiful work of art just like Greta Gerwig did with Lady Bird.

By Gerry Orz, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 15

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