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Bedtime With Elmo Soon on the Shelves

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

The nighttime routine gets a little easier when “Bedtime With Elmo” debuts on DVD July 7 from Sesame Workshop, the non-profit educational organization behind Sesame Street.  It’s bedtime on Sesame Street and like all little children, Elmo doesn’t want to go to sleep yet, he wants to play.  Elmo’s daddy and the Sesame Street gang explain why everyone needs sleep, even little monsters, and address timeless issues from learning to relax, falling asleep alone and being afraid of the dark.  Focusing on a core learning matter many parents struggle with, “Bedtime With Elmo” combines clever and familiar bedtime situations with engaging stories, lullabies and humor to illustrate to children just how important it is to get a good night’s sleep.  Featuring appearances from favorite Sesame Street characters including Abby Cadabby, Bert and Ernie, Oscar the Grouch, Zoe, Telly Monster, Rosita, Baby Bear and more, Bedtime With Elmo also features Andrea Bocelli singing “Time to Say Goodnight.”

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Professor Garfield Foundation Makes Learning Fun for Kids With Learning Disabilities

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Cartoons help make learning fun, even for kids who struggle with reading. Did you know that financier Charles Schwab was dyslexic and passed his literature classes by doing book reports based on comic-book versions of classic stories? Jim Davis, creator of the Garfield comic series, incorporated the Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation SparkTop.org content with the Professor Garfield Foundation programming in 2007 to create a fun website where kids go to have fun and learn. The programs are designed specifically for children with learning and attention problems, although all kids benefit from the free edutainment.

“One of the unexpected joys of being in this line of work has been hearing from the parents of children who learned to read thanks to the Garfield comic strip,” said Davis. “After nearly 30 years of doing the strip, we’ve heard this often enough that we’re convinced the strip is a great teaching tool – the simple combination of words and pictures stimulates learning. That’s why we created the Professor Garfield Foundation and the Professor Garfield website. We all learn in different ways, or as SparkTop.org says, ‘No two brains spark alike.’ It’s very gratifying that the Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation elected Garfield to carry on their vision. It’s a responsibility we take seriously. It will encourage us to redouble our efforts to help kids grow and learn.”

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30 Minutes to a Quiet Baby – An Interview With Barbara Candiano-Marcus

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Infant developmental and children’s entertainment product company The Baby Prodigy Company™, recently announced the release of their brand new title “30 Minutes To A Quiet Baby.™” A must have for anyone trying to quiet a fussy child.

This new DVD brings back traditional character favorites Dookie™ and Dottie Duck™ while introducing some new animated friends — Katie the Kangaroo™, Emily the Elephant™, and Gisella the Giraffe™.  The DVD also includes animated nursery rhymes, entertaining characters, and stimulating games that parents can replicate at home with their children.  All with the ultimate goal of providing every parent and child with REST: Relaxation, Entertainment & Sensory stimulation for your Tot™.

Founded in 2002, by stay at home Mom turned entrepreneur Barbara Candiano-Marcus, Baby Prodigy® products were created while Candiano-Marcus was caring for her first born child, Samantha. She took some time out of her busy schedule to share a bit about this terrific new title and her company.

CP: Where did you get the idea for this type of DVD?

BC: I have wanted to produce a DVD like this for a long time.  I had two colicky babies and my inspiration to start Baby Prodigy originally came from my experiences with my colicky baby.  I also wanted to create a DVD that would be for BOTH parent and child. By providing R.E.S.T (Relaxation, Entertainment and Sensory stimulation for your Tot) parents can get some relaxation while their child is being stimulated with entertaining visuals, music, nursery rhymes and playful puppet scenes which show activities parents can replicate at home with their child.

CP: What, in your opinion, makes your DVD stand out from other titles for this genre/age group?

BC: There is no other DVD like it on the market that is for both the parent and their child.

CP: What is the most surprising feedback you have received from viewers?

BC: One of the most surprising things I was told from a viewer was that her five year old loved “30 Minutes to a Quiet Baby.”  When she first played the video for her baby, her 5 year old son watched it with her.  When the video was over, he wanted to watch it over and over again!

CP: What have you learned as a producer while making this DVD?

BC: It is very important that parents get REST when taking care of their children. This DVD can help moms and dads get some rest while their little one is entertained even if it’s just for 30 minutes.

CP: What is your next project we can look for?

BC: I am working on an entertainment and educational DVD for preschoolers.

CP: Is there anything you would like to add?

BC: This is a DVD the whole family can enjoy.

Look for “30 Minutes To A Quiet Baby™” on www.amazon.com or www.babyprodigy.com.

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