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The BFG – A Fantastic Fantasy!

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

TheBFG.jpgBased on the book by Roald Dahl and directed by the iconic Steven Spielberg, a girl named Sophie encounters the Big Friendly Giant who, despite his intimidating appearance, turns out to be a kindhearted soul who is considered an outcast by the other giants because, unlike them, he refuses to eat children. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Ryan R. comments, “I enjoyed watching the new Disney film, The BFG… I love the film for its CGI, which makes the animations look incredible and I also enjoyed its comedic moments.” Morgan B. adds, “The BFG’s character and graphics are shock and awe to me. His job as a dream catcher is in danger and I think I just found my new career goal – catching dreams and using them to make other people happy.” Brianna B. concludes, “The visuals are obviously something that stand out to me the most. They are clear, bright and engaging. They make the gap between the animated BFG and the real life character of Sophie very small.” See their full reviews below.The BFG

By Morgan B., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Age 11

This movie has giants, dreams, friendship and compassion all rolled up into one two-hour long movie that is a wonderful experience. The BFG’s character and graphics are shock and awe to me. His job as a dream catcher is in danger and I think I just found my new career goal – catching dreams and using them to make other people happy. The BFG is a complicated, humorous character with many aspects to him.

Brilliant director Steven Spielberg adds yet anothTheBFG.d.jpger great movie to his resumé.

This must-see summer hit opens nationwide July 1, just in time to spend a hot summer day in a cool theater near you. It is more of a drama then a comedy even though you will laugh throughout the film. The movie is based on the book by Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake. I have added this book to my summer to do list.

The CGI animation in this film is top-quality and award winning. The scale between the humans and giants has been done before but in this film, it is truly extraordinary. The thought and details shown in every scene captivate you into believing you are on screen in this new make believe world. Giants, the dream country and giant country all come to life. The flipping of the world upside down and entering dream country is a memorable scene and my favorite. It is one of the many places you will find yourself wishing really existed or think that perhaps it does it somewhere.

The characters have incredible depth to them. Ruby Barnhill’s (Sophie) performance is extraordinary. Most of her scenes are in CGI and she had to use her imagination when acting out those scenes. She is the lead of this film and carries it well. There are few real humans until the second half and her connection with the BFG is heartwarming. Sophie is a kind, brave and sharp orphan who finds herself dwarfed in theTheBFG.b.jpg world of giants.

Mark Rylance (The BFG) is fascinating, remarkable and a top notch actor. You can tell that he is kind and he sticks to what he believes in. He doesn’t care about what the other giants think about him he just wants to care for a little girl and catch dreams. I like how he thinks that it is wrong to eat humans. At least there is one giant we don’t have to run from. He is comical and humorous and his take on the Morgan.SM.jpgEnglish language will have you laughing out loud as the audience did when I watched this film. His new words will add to your vocabulary and have you smiling when you recall them.

The BFG meets the one and only Queen of England (Penelope Wilton) and the Queen herself would be proud of her performance, as I would definitely bow down in her presence. I find her beautiful, interesting, fair and funny.

When The BFG gives the Queen, her assistances, the guards, crazy dogs, Sophie and everyone in the room a taste of his favorite drink and everyone in the room starts whiz popping, it is hysterical. I loved this scene. Everyone in the theater could not stop laughing and I just joined in right along with them. The dogs in this scene are ridiculously entertaining when they skid along the floor while tooting away.

I recommend this film for ages 10 to 18. This is a family friendly film which kids will enjoy. Be forewarned that the scenes about bullying are unsettling and the huge giants look very lifelike and might scare younger kids. Some of them are mean.  I give this film 5 out of 5 giant dream catcher stars.

By Ryan R., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12

I enjoyed watching the new Disney film, The BFG.  We get to see the works of three great storytellers together. Director Steven Spielberg collaborated with Walt Disney Studios to bring Roald Dahl’s classic book “The BFG”  to life and turn it into a wonderful film. I love the film for its CGI, which makes the animations look incredible andTheBFG.c.jpg I also enjoyed its comedic moments. In this film, we meet Sophie, an orphan who hates the all girls’ orphanage she is living in. Then one day, she spots the elderly big friendly giant (The BFG) who takes her away to Giant Country because he doesn’t want her to tell other people that she saw him. At first, Sophie is scared because she thinks he is going to hurt her but then she realizes that the giant is actually really friendly, unlike the other giants. The Big Friendly Giant is considered an outcast by the other giants because RyanRivera.sm.jpghe refuses to eat children or people as they do. Sophie has an idea to enlist help from Queen Victoria to help keep the Big Friendly Giant safe and capture all the man eating giants from Giant Country.  To see how the story unfolds, go see this film.

I appreciate the animations of this film because they are vivid, detailed, realistic and child friendly. The faces and the size of the giants are amazing. I also like this film because of its humor. It is great! I guarantee that this film will make you laugh at some point during the movie. I also like the designs of the scenes. They look extremely realistic – so much so, that you could easily think it is a real place. I love how the characters change throughout the film. However, what I didn’t like in this film is that there are a few scenes that are too intense for younger viewers. Also, some scenes got a little boring. But besides that, this film is fantastic.

I give this film 4 out of 5 stars. I recommend it to kids ages 6 to 18 and I think adults will like this as well. I also recommend this to people who like family, action, adventure and comedy movies. Make sure to see BFG, which opens July 1 in theaters nationwide.

Brianna Hope B., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Age 16

This 2016 colorful film based on the book by Roald Dahl is great to watch and gives you a small look into where dreams come from. The 3D effects draws you into the film and make the characters much more fascinating with its dept, texture and a variety of colors.

Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) is a young girl that comes in contact with the Big Friendly Giant (Mark Rylance-Voice) who, in spite of his frightening looks, we find to be a kind and good natured person. He is assumed to TheBFG.a.jpgbe an outcast by the rest of the giants due to his refusal to eat children like they do.

The visuals are obviously something that stand out to me the most. They are clear, bright and engaging. They make the gap between the animated BFG and the real life character of Sophie very small. Steven Spielberg directs this film so, of course it is authentic and believable. It has dark moments that are spread throughout the film that parents should be aware of when taking their young children to see it. This film highlights the admirable qualities of perseverance and bravery as it tells the story of a girl and a giant in a perilous world. My favorite character is the BFG because of his childlike demeanor. His speech brings softness and an innocent aspect to his character which makes him less of a monster and it accentuates how different he is from the rest of the antagonistic Giants. The BGF for the most part focuses on the relationship between Sophie and the Big Friendly Giant, but other characters include Mary (Rebecca Hall), Mr.Tibbs (Rafe Spall), The Queen (Penelope Wilton), and Bloodbottler (Bill Hader).

Brianna.2015.sm.jpgMy favorite scene is when Sophie shoves herself into a disgusting green vegetable to hide from one of the giants. While she tries to get out of it, we see her feet, then her legs and more – covered in a green slimy substance, until she is fully out. This scene brought about sounds of disgust and laughter from the audience. That’s why it’s my favorite.  Actress Ruby Barnhill plays her part extremely well. She acts just like any other ten year old kid with tons of questions and lots of curiosity. She is full of energy.

The BFG gears itself towards younger audiences and has a recurring theme about dreams  coming true. One of my favorite inspirational quotes by Stephen Spielberg is “I don’t dream at night. I dream at day. I dream all day. I’m dreaming for living.”  That message happens throughout the film as well.

I recommend this great family film for ages 7 to 14 and rate it 4 out of 5 stars. Even though I enjoy watching this film, I do feel that a couple of scenes are too long or unneeded altogether.  The BFG opens  in theaters on July 1st, so please check it out.

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Dr. Seuss never gets old – Now, he’s teaching science to preschoolers.

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

Join Sally and Nick and the Cat in the Hat to learn about weather (and things like that)! First, the kids are painting a picture of a rainbow but can’t seem to remember all the colors to use. Lucky for them, Cat takes them to Color-ga-lore to meet King Kaleidoscope, a rainbow expert. A musical number teaches them the proper color order as well as how rainbows are actually made! Then it’s time to jump in some puddles with Nick and Sally! But wait, where did the giant puddle disappear to? With the help of Cat’s Seussian camera, they see that their puddle has turned into water vapor. So off they go to Bluey Blue Sky to follow their puddle. They learn the water cycle process and when they return home their puddle is back! Weather is just the start of this trip with the Cat so come on board the Thinga-ma-jigger and hold onto your hat!

The Cat in the Hat: Oh, Say What’s the Weather Today?
By Morgan Bertsch, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Age 11

I think that it is quite funny that the moms let Nick and Sally go everywhere with The Cat in the Hat. I get a little worried about that. That just goes to show how trustworthy the Cat in the Hat is. The moms have to be very trusting to trust a worthy cat like that.

This 90 minute DVD is filled with seven adventures that are all about the weather which effects everyone, every day. I love that it has fun activities for children to do in between the episodes. It easily keeps you focused while teaching you about the weather in a fun and entertaining way.

Dr. Seuss is loved by all children around the world and this DVD is voiced in many different languages.  What started out as silly children’s book is something that children worldwide now share.

Sometime science can be boring, confusing and seem like a whole different language but now we have The Cat in the Hat making science and weather concepts easy to understand and remember. Learning can be fun and exciting when watching animations that make it easy to remember. I recently interviewed Julie Stall, the producer of this series and she understands what makes children laugh and smile and has done an amazing job bringing Dr. Seuss books to life in over 60 animated episodes.

Martin Short is the cat’s meow. He is the voice of The Cat in the Hat and has been in this role for over six years. His ability as a great character actor who can do many voices makes him a perfect fit for this role. I had the pleasure of meeting him in person a short time ago and found him very pleasant, easy to talk to and extremely funny.

I’m so impressed by Alexa Torrington who voices Sally, the cute adorable little girl who goes off on learning adventures with the Cat. She has played the same character for over six years and is now a young adult, yet her voice sounds the same as when she started as a young girl. Sally is kind hearted, curious, and clever and loves learning. She is endearing and cute to watch.

Jacob Ewaniuk voices Nick, the little boy who follows the Cat. He has also kept his voice consistent to his character. Nick is inquisitive, humorous and compelling to watch.

I love to learn and this DVD taught me lots of lessons such as how clouds are formed, how wind power works, what the water cycle is and much more. One of the most intriguing lessons on this DVD is Chasing Rainbows because you get to learn two lessons in one. I love rainbows and this entire lesson is all about rainbows and has a catchy song that is still stuck in my head. I learned all about the colors of the rainbow and where they come from.

Of course there is also the Fish voiced by Rob Tinkler. I adore Fish. Fish asks great question that make you think. He should hide the answers and make finding them a little trickier, although they are perfect hiding places for younger children. Then we have the cutest thing ever – Thing One and Thing Two. They always seem to be helpful and ready for The Cat in the Hat’s whistle to lend a helping hand. All three of these characters add a little something to this series and they are all adorable, quirky, humorous sidekicks for The Cat in the Hat.
I recommend this series to ages 3 to 12. Younger kids will love the animation. Older kids will have science lessons reinforced and fun, cute cartoons to watch. I rate this 5 out of 5 Thinga-ma-jigger red and white top-hat stars. The Cat in the Hat: Oh Say, What’s the Weather Today is available now from N Circle Entertainment.

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Just Keep Swimming, Finding Dory is Fun for the Whole Family!

Friday, June 17th, 2016

findingdory.jpgAfter 13 years, Dory and Nemo return to the big screen. The friendly-but-forgetful blue tang fish reunites with her loved ones and everyone learns a few things about the real meaning of family along the way. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Gerry O. comments, “Finding Dory brings back the fantastic characters, amazing jokes and the fun story with important morals. This movie, much like Finding Nemo is an adventurous comedy, but that isn’t all that this film has to offer. It also has a good amount of child-friendly action.” Ryan R. adds, “The animation is amazing, the humor hilarious and witty and the plot is so heartfelt. It does not disappoint.” Harmony M. wraps it up with, “The anticipated sequel Finding Dory is adorable and fun, but not a match for the original. It’s a brilliant and enjoyable movie on its own.” See their full reviews below.

Finding Dory
By Gerry O., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Age 14

It has been 13 years since easily the greatest animated film came out. Now, the very hyped up sequel has been released. Finding Dory brings back the fantastic characters, amazing jokes and the fun story with important morals. This movie, much like Finding Nemo is an adventurous comedy, but that isn’t all that this film has to offer. It also has a good amount of child-friendly action. On top of that, the movie features many important morals that teach kids lots of good lessons. Mind-blowing animation by Pixar also impresses the audience.

Finding Dory follows one year after the events of Finding Nemo. Nemo, (Hayden Rolence), Marlin (Albert Brooks) and Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) are all back in the coral reef, living happily. However, everything changes whenfindingdory.a.jpg Dory gets a memory about her past and her family. They all then go on a quest to the far away coast of California to find Dory’s parents. On the search for her parents they meet new friends and see old friends. Many events lead up to one main event. Do they find Dory’s parents or not? If you want to find out, you have to watch the film.

As much as I enjoyed this sequel, I was disappointed as it felt like Finding Dory made some of the same mistakes that Star Wars: The Force Awakens made. Both were massively hyped films to continue a successful franchise. Both movies seemed to repeat a lot of the story line from the previous film. The events in Finding Dory are almost exactly like the events of Finding Nemo. This makes it very boring and quite predictable for people who saw the first film. On top of that, Finding Nemo is a fantasy but is done much morfindingdory.d.jpge true to science. Some of the moments in Finding Dory feel forced even for a fairy tale. On top of that, the jokes in Finding Dory are somewhat repetitive, lack originality and, only a few times, are actually funny. What is especially enjoyable are the scenes with Ty Burrell’s voicing the Beluga character. The first film was a complete success in its comedy. You could see Finding Nemo twenty times and still laugh. With Finding Dory, I’m not sure someone would watch it multiple times.

However, there is one thing I really adore about this film – the cast. Since it’s been thirteen years after Finding Nemo, the quality of the voice acting was a big question. But after watching the film, I can say it feels like it was made directly after Finding Nemo in 2003. What is most impressive – Hayden Rolence who voices Nemo. Of course, since it’s been thirteen years, the actor who voiced Nemo can no longer do the findingdory.c.jpgsame voice so they had to find a new kid. Hayden is stupendous in this role and I could not notice a difference between the two.

My favorite scene is when they introduce my new favorite character, Hank (Ed O’Neill), an octopus. Hank finds Dory and agrees to take her to where they think her parents are in return for something that Hank needs. This scene is hilarious and the dialog between the octopus and Dory is delightful.

Finding Dory is meant for kids and thus, has nothing parents should be worried about. Because of a few action scenes, I recommend it to ages 4 through 18. I give it 4 out of 5 stars because the story is so similar to the original and seems rushed and even a bit boring at times. But the voice acting and amazing animation by Pixar makes it all worth the wait.

Finding Dory
By KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Ryan R. age 12

I love the new Disney / Pixar film, Finding Dory which is the sequel to Finding Nemo. Fans of Finding Nemo will absolutely love this sequel.  The animation is amazing, the humor hilarious and witty and the plot is sofindingdory.e.jpg heartfelt. It does not disappoint. Dory is a forgetful but fearless blue tang fish (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres), suffers from short term memory loss and has struggled with this for her entire life. Then one day, something happens to Dory that triggers her memory and she remembers that she has a family. She tries to find them with the help of Nemo (voiced by Hayden Rolence) and Marlin (voiced by Albert Brooks). The question is, “will Dory find her family, or will she forget to find them?”

This film’s humor is so hilarious, I laughed my pants off and that’s why I love it so much. Some of the jokes are also funny for adults, which I also liked. I love the animation because Pixar makes the sea life in this film look so realistic and the colors are so rich and vivid. The characters are adorable, kid-friendly and nice. Pixar has done it again. They made me feel all kinds of emotions – happiness, fear and sadness, just to name a few. I love the film from beginning to end. It is really fantastic. .

Ellen DeGeneres is child-like and goofy. Her portrayal of Dory really excels. However, my favofindingdory.b.jpgrite character is Hank, the octopus (voiced by Ed O’Neil) who gives an outstanding performance). He can camouflage into anything.  I love how he has that ability. I also like how he makes so many hilarious jokes.  He assists Dory on her adventure to find her family so he can leave the Marine Life Institute and go to Cleveland. We see how Hank’s personality slowly changes throughout this film because of Dory. I just love how Dory grows on him and how he helps her no matter what.

Also, I noticed that all the characters in this film have some type of disability in some way or another and all of them learn to overcome it. That is a very important message in this film.

I give this film 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to kids ages 4 to 18. You should be aware that there is one short scene that involves an octopus that may scare some children but it is very brief. I also recommend this film to people who like children, family and action movies. And, I think that adults will enjoy this. Make sure to see this film when it opens Friday June 17.

Finding Dory
By Harmony Makhfi, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 16

The anticipated sequel Finding Dory is adorable and fun, but not a match for the original. It’s a brilliant and enjoyable movie on its own. The only problem is the bar was set in Finding Nemo. Basically, it is fun, but nowhere near as compelling as Finding Nemo. Considering the amount of time that has passed since the first one, they did everything they could to keep things consistent with the original which is a big plus.findingdory.g.jpg

The film focuses on the forgetful, yet friendly blue fish Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) and her journey to find her family. The plot is connected with a series of flashbacks from Dory’s childhood and in bursts of random memories which is different and unexpected. I really like how they connected scenes and referred to experiences from the first film and I love that they even have many appearances from the original characters.

The film provides outstanding humor as Pixar always does, giving people of all ages unforgettable enjoyment. I was extremely relieved to see the same style of animation and camera work in the second film because I feared that, after all these years, they would try to advance the details and tweak findingdory.f.jpgthe animation. However, it is safe to say the film resembles the first and the consistency is very comforting.

In comparison to the other sequels Pixar and Disney have created, Finding Dory is very impressive. The movie can be a bit of a let down if one’s mindset is on the expectations from the first one, but it is a fun adventure on its own.

I was concerned whether Dory could successfully carry the role of a main character since she had previously played a supporting role, but she carried it out well. The supporting cast really stands out and brings the comedy to life and their pleasant personalities bring a fun element to the film.

One of the best aspects of this film is the focus on character development rather than thefindingdory.h.jpg fun journey. Pixar provides more than just comedy and entertainment for the kids. The film contains thoughtful messages and shines a light on mental disabilities.

While the film is not as good as you expect it, it is not as bad as you feared. The film is definitely worth watching. I recommend it for ages 5 to 18. People who saw the first film will particularly enjoy it. Otherwise it might be difficult to fully understand. I give this film a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Check it out when it opens in theaters June 17th.

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TMNT – An action-packed movie with lots of comedy, suspense and thrills.

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

I’ve never been a fan of Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtles but this latest film seems to have turned a corner in its intent and has many redeeming qualities. The storyline is nothing spectacular – keep someone from overtaking the world but, somehow, this is a kinder, gentler TMNT. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Na’im S. comments, “This is an action-packed movie with lots of comedy, suspense and thrills. In this film, there are many characters that were in the first TMNT movie as well as the original cartoon such as Shredder and Casey Jones. Bebop and Rocksteady make their first debut in this film and it is a hilarious debut, because the actors who play those characters are very funny.” See his full review below.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows
By Na’im Smith, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 10

“Shhhh! You have to sneak up on them.” I’m talking as quiet as a ninja because I’m reviewing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows! If you liked the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, then you’d better hurry up and buy tickets for this next movie, because it’s even better! This is an action-packed movie with lots of comedy, suspense and thrills. In this film, there are many characters that were in the first TMNT movie as well as the original cartoon such as Shredder and Casey Jones. Bebop and Rocksteady make their first debut in this film and it is a hilarious debut, because the actors who play those characters are very funny.

In this film, Shredder has returned, but this time without a mask. Shredder (Brian Tee) is the evil mastermind that everybody hates. Brian Tee is the perfect actor to play Shredder because he never breaks character and makes the audience believe he is really scary. While Shredder is being transported to prison, many unexpected things happen and the Ninja Turtles go through a lot of trouble to find and defeat him once and for all.

Fenwick (Will Arnett) is the person who takes credit for defeating Shredder in the first movie even though it was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, because the Turtles can’t show their faces in public.

Baxter Stockman (Tyler Perry) is a scientist with a hilarious laugh. Baxter Stockman works with Shredder and the Foot Clan to try and take over the world.

Motion capture is used to create this film which means that the actors put on sensors and the sensors capture their movements and put them onto the screen. So, the film is part animation and part live action. It is nice to see an appearance by Carmelo Anthony, a New York Knicks NBA player because the setting is in New York City and seeing him in Madison Square Garden makes the movie seem even more realistic.

I give this film 5 out of 5 bold stars and recommend it for ages 10 to 18. Adults who liked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when they were younger will also very much enjoy this film. This film is rated PG-13 for mild profanity and violence.

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Free Family Film Series This Summer in Santa Fe at the Violet Crown

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

free_family_film_series.jpgThe Violet Crown Cinema in Santa Fe has brought back their Free Family Film Series this summer. A new film screens each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. throughout June, July and August. It is Free to attend. Tickets are available at the cinema on a first-come, first-served basis until capacity is reached. The titles playing through June include: A Little Princess: June 14 & 16; Explorers: June 21 & 23; The Sandlot: June 28 & 30.  This is a great chance to be able to see these films on the big screen! When did you do that last? KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Bison B. comments, “These are all great movies for the whole family to enjoy.  Each one has very unique stories and experiences which make it very difficult to pick a favorite.  I truly loved each one.” His full review is below.

Violet Crown’s Free Family Movie Series
By Bison Branch, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Age 11

The Violet Crown theater is showing ten classic movies for families throughout June, July and August. The five that I’ve seen are Explorers, The Sandlot, A Little Princess, Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Wizard of Oz.  These are all great movies for the whole family to enjoy.  Each one has very unique stories and experiences which make it very difficult to pick a favorite.  I truly loved each one.

This week’s feature is A Little Princess.  I have to say this movie definitely surprised me. It was shot in 1995.  Although it is not my exactly type of movie, I found myself totally into it.  This film is about a girl who is sent to a very strict boarding Exploreres.jpgschool while her dad fights in World War I. Moving from a beautiful place in India to New York City, she faces many challenges while sharing a kind heart.

Next up is Explorers which was shot in 1985.  When I watched Explorers, I found myself mesmerized by not only the story line, but the creativity throughout the film.  Ethan Hawke plays Ben Crandall and gives a stunning performance. He truly becomes his character.  This film is of the sci-fi / adventure genre. Explorers is based on three middle school boys who dream of alien life in the universe and meeting those alien life forms.  It is definitely one of my favorites.

The following week is the classic summer film, The Sandlot. I really liked The Sandlot. It was shot in 1993 and is about a group of kids who love to play baseball.  One day they decide to play with a friend’s father’s ball signed by Babe Ruth.  That is where the story begins. This film is great for everybody who likes to get a good laugh, but wants to see  growth in the character’ personality.

One films that has already played are Fantastic Mr. Fox which says it all in the title. It’s simply fantastic!  This is an animated film created in 2009 that is about a family of foxes that are in an all out war with farmers.  I loved this adventure Sandlot.jpr_1.jpgcomedy. There is not one boring part of the film.

The other film that kicked off this series is The Wizard of Oz, made in 1939.  It is one of the first movies in color and is a musical.  The Wizard of Oz is about a girl

(Judy Garland) who gets trapped in her house during a tornado and is teleported to Oz, a beautiful land full of witches and munchkins.  In order to return home, she must go on a quest to have an audience with the powerful wizard of Oz. Along the way, she meets friends that teach her important lessons.

Even if you have seen these films before, I highly recommend sharing them with your family at the Violet Crown. As we grow up, we find new meaning and have more in common with different experiences and characters. And, what a great opportunity to watch these classic films on the big screen! How often does that happen. to find out what other films will be playing in July and August visit http://santafe.violetcrown.com/movies

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