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Rediscovering the True Meaning of Home

Saturday, March 28th, 2015

From Dreamworks comes a new animated feature, Home with an adorable misfit from another planet who lands on Earth, makes friends with the locals and everyone discovers the true meaning of the word Home. Starring Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Steve Martin, this film is filled with music and humor and is perfect for you to share with the younger members of your family. KIDS FIRST! Critics Harmony M. comments, “The film serves as great entertainment with its loveable characters, hilarious dialogue and feel good tone.” Madeline R. adds, “The message of this film is that family is important and it’s good to face your problems or fears instead of running from them.” See their full reviews and Gerry O’s interviews with cast and crew below.


By Harmony M., KIDS FIRST! Critics, age 15

From DreamWorks, comes the delightful film Home. The film serves as great entertainment with its loveable characters, hilarious dialogue and feel good tone. The film is about an alien species, called the Boov, that invade planet Earth in an attempt to hide from an evil monster called the Gorg. By doing so, the alien race makes themselves at home and relocates all the humans elsewhere. While all the humans are transported, a young girl named Tip gets left behind and later encounters a Boov named Oh. Oh and Tip join together in search of Tip’s mother who got taken away during previous alien invasion. A lot unfolds when Tip’s mother is not the only one who needs saving.

It is very enjoyable and even shocking to hear familiar voices in the film such as Jim Parsons who plays Oh, Rihanna who plays Tip, Steve Martin who plays Captain Smek and Jennifer Lopez who plays Lucy. Jim Parsons is delightful as the voice of Oh. They couldn’t have chosen a better actor for that role. Oh is an overly friendly, silly, trouble-making, outcast, who not only steals the hearts of the audience with his facial expressions and personality, but also with a voice that fits that perfectly. Fans of The Big Bang Theory will be so pleased to see his character, Sheldon in cartoon form. Home is Rihanna’s first role in an animation film. Considering that, her portrayal of the sassy and adventurous Tip are spot on.

I find it very unique that the Boovs change colors depending on their emotion, especially because I have not seen that feature in any other type of film. The dialogue is really funny because the Boovs speak with improper grammar which adds a comedic touch that all ages will love. The futuristic technology shown in the movie is fascinating, it will be especially appealing to the younger crowd.

The film is entertaining to watch and one I would enjoy watching again. Although the film is very good, it’s not good enough to be a new classic or one that will be very memorable in the long run. It is cute, friendly, very funny, has amazing messages and puts you in a good mood.  I recommend this uplifting film to people of all ages, especially between the ages of 5 and 11. Overall, I give the film a 4 out of 5 stars. It is playing in theaters now.

By Madeline R. KIDS FIRST! Critics, Age 10

Home is a new animated family film from Dreamworks.  The screenplay was written by Tom Astle and Matt Ember and he film was directed by Tim Johnson.

I love this movie!  It is a fun, action-packed adventurous movie the whole family can enjoy together.

Home is about an alien named Oh who runs away from his own people, the Boovs who are trying to hide from the Gorg.  He lands on Earth and meets an adorable and feisty girl named Gratuity Tucci, who everyone calls Tip.  Oh and Tip form an unlikely friendship and go on an exciting adventure together to find Lucy, Tip’s mom.

Home features a star studded cast.  Jim Parsons is brilliant as the voice and personality of Oh and Steve Martin is hilarious as the voice of the Captain Smek, the cowardly leader of the Oh’s.   Rihanna plays the fun, yet determined Tip and Jennifer Lopez plays her sweet Mother, Lucy.

As a special bonus, both superstars perform original songs for the film which adds a lot of emotion and drama.  Be sure to listen for Rihanna’s new single “Towards the Sun” and Jennifer Lopez’s new song “Feel the Light”.

The animation is spectacular.  I love how Oh and Tip ride in Tip’s newly “fixed” car powered by multi-flavored slushis.  My favorite scene is when Tip tries to teach Oh jokes to help make him feel better.  She does the “Interrupting Cow” Knock Knock joke. It’s really funny because it takes him a while to get it!

The message of this film is that family is important and it’s good to face your problems or fears instead of running from them. Home is great for families of all ages, especially for families with kids between 4 and 14.  I give Home 5 out of 5 stars. I love it and think you will too!  Home is in theaters nationwide now.

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There Came an Echo – Revolutionizing the Game Industry

Monday, March 16th, 2015

There Came An Echo (Video Game)
Reviewed by Gerry O., KIDS FIRST! Critic, age 12

This video game is truly revolutionizing the way you play a game. Instead of typing on a keyboard you say your command. There Came An Echo is the start of a voice command video game era.

The game is about four soldiers. Corrin is a genius and creates one of the most advanced program locks in the world. However he doesn’t know that someone could use it since it is designed for a quantum computer. Miranda is a bounty hunter type of soldier. She does what she can for money. Syll is a master hacker. Grace is a young, intelligent girl who is a rebel at everything she can be at. And then, there is Sam. You lead them and tell them where to go (literally tell them!), where to be and when to fire.

This game has very cool technology and it even works with accents! You can also customize the names of the characters and even the commands. At the moment, in version 1.0.3, you can play a firefight type of map where you battle wave after wave or play the exciting story. I love the fact you can play the entire game without touching your keyboard. However, I learned quickly that my soldiers don’t like when I scream at them and it is best to talk in your normal voice. I also strongly recommend using a headset. There are minor little glitches here and there like in any new game, but overall – what a great experience!

My favorite feature is to be able to change their names and the commands. I can change Miranda to be Yo-Yo if I wish, and also I can change the commands, so instead of “charge” I can say “race!” This lets you have a whole new varity of fun.

This game is rated “T” but has some strong language and, of course – it is a shooter game. So, I give it an age rating of 10 to 18. I also give it 5 out of 5 stars for wonderful ideas and wonderful technology and for revolutionizing the game industry.

Way to go Iridium Studios – I’m sure we will see many more wonderful things from you and your wonderful founder Jason Wishnov. For more info go to Iridium Studios.

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