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Laugh with ‘The Big Year’ – and Tune in to #2-rated ‘KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions’

TheBigYear.jpgOne of last year’s Film Critic Search winners, KIDS FIRST! youth film critic Anthony Aranda (age 9) continues a very full schedule of film reviews with the review, below, of The Big Year (“It is a really funny movie,” he says). Aranda often joins Raven Devanney (age 13) – a fellow KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Search winner and host of “KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions” – on the weekly radio show of KIDS FIRST! interviews and reviews on Voice America Kids.

“KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions,” which launched a few short weeks ago, is already one of the chart leaders on Voice America Kids, reaching the number 2 spot in September. “Life at Eleven” was on top, and “Voyage Earth” was the third-most tuned-in show. The ratings are based on unique hits, not drive-bys, and we thank our wide KIDS FIRST! family for this support. “These are listeners who stick around and actually listen to content, whether it’s in the archives or on the date of new show releases,” explains Perry Damone, program director of Voice America Kids Channel. And he adds, “The kids are amazing.”

The Big Year
Reviewed by Anthony Aranda
See his full review on video.)

This is a great movie because it has a lot of interesting facts about a lot of different birds. It is a really funny movie.

The movie is about three men who are trying to win a contest called “The Big Year.” They have to find the most different kinds of birds in one year. Kenny Bostick (played by Owen Wilson) is one of the characters in the movie and he won the contest last year. He really wants to win again and beat his own record. Brad Harris (Jack Black) and Stu Preissler (Steve Martin) really want to beat Bostick, so they team up to help each other so one of them could win. AnthonyAranda_190x250.jpg

The main characters in the movie are Bostick, Harris and Preissler. My favorite character in the movie is Harris. I like Harris because he tries really hard to beat Bostick and he doesn’t give up. He is also a really funny character and made me laugh a lot. For example, when a girl he likes ends up breaking up with her boyfriend, he does a victory dance on his front porch. Then he says that he feels really bad for her (even though he doesn’t). It is pretty funny.

I would recommend this movie for ages six and up because it has some mild language that is not appropriate for younger children. A lot of people would like this movie, though, because there are a lot of funny parts. Go out and see it in theaters!

Photos: The Big Year poster (top), Anthony Aranda (bottom)

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